Friday, October 30, 2009

Special readings offer for November

Hi everyone!

I'm posting this announcement to my blog first, before sending out my Journal for the week, so you all are "the first to know"!

Special Offer!
Pluto-Saturn Cycle Readings

Due to the many questions I received in response to my blog posting last week about the Pluto-Saturn cycle*, I am offering special readings at a special price for the month of November!

We began the current Pluto-Saturn cycle in 1982-1983, when their alignment in Libra initiated themes related to relationship and intimacy, and brought up circumstances where we learned to deal with people, events, or even our own emotions that seemed "outside of our control."

Over the past 27 years, we've continued working with these themes, and met specific challenges in these areas in 1993-94 and 2001-2002. Now, as Pluto and Saturn again interact, we take another step on the path that leads to greater balance and wisdom.

How does your current experience relate to the previous dates in this cycle? What can you learn from those past experiences to help you more wisely and powerfully handle the months ahead? Are certain patterns or behaviors coming to the surface, ones that you're finally ready to identify and release? Are you dealing with relationship issues that you'd like more clarity on? As you look forward to the next 10 months, in what ways are you being supported to transform and take charge of your life?

If you would like to explore answers to these questions, I invite you to set up a special Pluto-Saturn Cycle Reading, at the reduced prices of $45 for a half hour and $75 for an hour (a 10% savings over my usual fees).

To request one of these special sessions, please send an e-mail to with "Pluto-Saturn Special Reading" in the subject line. Please note that this offer applies only to this special reading, and only for the month of November 2009.

*For more information, see blog post "The next few weeks" below.

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