Thursday, October 15, 2009

A bumpy ride

A reader wrote to me today, saying, "What is going on with the universe?@!! This is a very disjointed day..."

I've been feeling it as well, and am thinking we're dealing with Mars in the last degrees of Cancer. In general, when Mars is in this very vulnerable sign, we are all a bit more emotionally sensitive than usual. It's easier to take things personally, and to let our emotions run the show.

In addition, today Mars is triggering the degree of the July 21 Solar Eclipse, which occurred at 29 degrees of Cancer. This means that the energies and intentions of that eclipse may be more apparent now.

To tell the truth, it's hard for me to remember right now what was going on back in late July. But the energies this week have felt pretty intense, in keeping with eclipse themes. And, the 29th degree of any sign is said to carry intensity as well, being called a "critical degree" and calling us to complete the lessons related to the sign involved.

Cancer's lessons include learning to hold strong boundaries while still being sensitive to the needs of those around us, nurturing and allowing self to be nurtured in equal measure, and having the strength to feel our emotions without being overwhelmed by them. And, taking clues from the actions of the crab, being able to sidle away from conflict rather than reacting defensively, and sensing when the time is right to trust and to come out from under a protective rock.

I, for one, am looking forward to tomorrow, when Mars moves into Leo.


  1. Yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster, following on the heels of Wednesday which seemed to be a day devoted to facing reality which was very grounding. I'm responding to your observations because of the connection you made between yesterday and July 21.

    Each eclipse seemed to be an exclamation point in the summer for me, the people who appeared, places, etc. But that one was so wonderful, I ended up driving 6 hours to meet my oldest friend in Asheville, NC, a place I've wanted to visit for the 20 years I've been on the east coast. It was such a joyful time, and in contrast, yesterday was rather mundane (making and freezing jalapeno poppers with my kids), but I woke up feeling an energy in "my" color had anchored. It feels like that was the connection between the two days.

    I enjoy your interpretations of astrological aspects, they seem to be generated from a place of serenity, and resonate with my present state of mind, and life! I'm thankful for that, it helps navigate the intensity of the last 6 months.

  2. I also found myself one moment crying the other laughing, and I was wondering what on earth was wrong with me. Thank you for sheding some light!

  3. I did quite a ride this week too. :D Wednesday was really intense.
    I have a blog where I wrote about it.

    It all started the beginning of this summer, this ride. That will be June, I guess.
    As I read the blog here I thought, so it is not only because the energy of all the people collectively is intense because of all the disasters. Nature and financial, wars. It makes people also have intense desires. So we could say we have two sorts of intense great energy. Fear, pain, loss and great, great desires of love, peace, safety.
    And not only because it is really autumn here and I can often feel the change when the trees let go of the leaves.
    It all comes together.
    It read on, 'The Sun is in the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century.' That is an indication for intense times too.

    I just read this weeks journal. :)
    It will be a beautiful week, as always, I'm sure! :)

  4. I had a sinus infection/cleansing episode at the end of May...leaving me with almost no sense of smell! It has been a long time returning to me and I've explored many meanings of "following my nose" since then, in ways that don't rely on aromas...developing another sense of scents! Once again, plants and their oils are speaking to me and I am learning to trust in the power of patience...reuniting with other "presence" that may not have been obvious to me at first. Learning to look at abandonment/seperation with a new that may not have arrived if I had not "lost" that familiar first window of experience or relationship that I'd been grieving over. ahh, chiron...