Friday, October 23, 2009

The next few weeks

October is winding down -- or rather, should we say "winding up"? I feel a sense of anticipation, but I'm not sure whether it is intellectually or energetically based, since I consciously know of the upcoming Pluto-Saturn square and could be building on that awareness.

Saturn enters Libra next week, on the morning of October 29 (Pacific Time). My sense is that if we haven't already, we will shortly after that ingress begin to notice the influence of the square with Pluto, which will be exact on November 15.

In preparation for that square, it might be interesting to explore our personal histories with regards to the Saturn-Pluto cycle, which brings up themes of how we take charge of our lives, how we deal with internal and external influences that seem outside of our control, and how we embrace important opportunities for transformation and empowerment.

The two planets were conjunct (at the same degree) in late 1982, and were fairly close to each other through the spring of 1983. That period marked the beginning of the Saturn-Pluto cycle, and so the initiation of some corresponding cycle in our individual lives, depending on the location in our birth charts. For me, the two planets were conjunct my Ascendant, initiating some major changes in my life: the beginning of an intense karmic relationship, and a move to Montana after having lived in California since birth.

The first Saturn-Pluto square was exact in March 1993, October 1993 and January 1994. This was the first test of the seeds planted in 1982, seeing how far we had come in the ability to take charge of our lives and in our willingness to undergo transformational changes.

The Saturn-Pluto opposition was (as I write these words, just glanced at the clock and it is 9:11 a.m.!) exact in August and November 2001 and June 2002. The numbers I just saw on the clock speak the impact of that period of time. That opposition fell on the Ascendant line of the U.S. chart, and so manifested in the "us vs. them" polarity that the entire world became invested in.

Now we have the culminating square of the Saturn-Pluto cycle. Where are we in the "us vs. them" dynamic -- both personally and globally? Where are we in our individual and collective ability to manage the intensity of emotions that can be raised during such transits? How willing are we to claim responsibility for the manifestations of our lives, rather than blaming the "other" for what is occurring? And are we ready to be transformed, to use upcoming events as the catalyst they are intended to be, to become more fully empowered versions of ourselves?

These are the questions these two planets raise. It might feel overwhelming to ponder how we will answer -- and yet, we have help now that we didn't have during the dates of the earlier transits, in the form of the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter alignment in Aquarius.

This triple conjunction truly feels like the "angel on our shoulders" that we can call on to help as needed. This is the healing of our belief in separation, the opportunity to create spiritual community, and the potential for expanding our consciousness and our understanding of meanings and purposes. This energy is building again now, and with Neptune and Chiron both going direct within the next two weeks, all three planets will be moving forward, ready to lead the way into greater Light.

And with that, I breathe a sigh of relief.


  1. Elaine from CanadaOctober 26, 2009 at 7:09 AM

    Hi Pam,

    As I read the date the two planet were conjunct (late 1982) it make me fearful of what is to come this time. Way back in October 1982 my world as a 19 year old was turned upside down when my grandfather died and the same day my dad slipped into a coma from a stroke he'd had 2 days earlier. My dad never recovered completey and died 7 years later after living in a nursing home the rest of his life. Not that it was all doom and gloom but at the time it was very painful. I actually only came to terms with his dying about 4 years ago. I'm happy to hear there is help during this transit. I hope with all I've learned and where I am in my beliefs around separation, whatever the universe has to offer won't be as devestating.

  2. Hi Elaine,

    I know it's sometimes unnerving to look at the past and then try to project into the present/future -- but you're right that we have a LOT of help right now, and much of that is about healing the fear/myth of separation.

    Remember, too, that we are completing a cycle, and it might help to look at the other dates (1993-94 and 2001-02) to see what theme was at work for you then. It sounds like you did not experience equal levels of loss at those dates, so we must assume the upcoming Pluto-Saturn aspect will not be as painful, either.

    And, without seeing your chart, I'm going to guess that there were other transits going on for you in 1982 that contributed to your experience, transits that are not in effect in the present.

    If you feel a short session might be helpful to gain some perspective on this cycle in your life, please contact me directly at

    Many blessings to you,


  3. Hi Pam - having looked at my chart, Pluto sits in House 7 (Relating) and Saturn in House 3 (Communication).

    Its funny that around all the dates mentioned, there were great moves in my life, even though I was only 10 in 1982.

    We moved house and county 82, I moved job and country in 93 and again in 02. During all of those times I felt victimised, confused, as if things were out of control and was unable to communicate or discern how I truly felt.

    Even though this energy is coming back again, am open to embracing any 'movement' with the knowledge that it is necessary and I will be able to know fully what is required, what I want out of it and how to communicate that to others.

    Thank you so much for the information, it helps immensely.
    Namaste, Krissy

  4. Hi Pam - In 1982 I got married, then separated in 1994. In 2001 - 2002 an emotional, 5 year on again off again relationship ended and I met my current beau. I've been feeling that this relationship is in for changes - possibly ending.

    When I think about the "us vs. them" dynamic and how willing I am to claim responsibility for the manifestations of my life, rather than blaming the "other" for what is occurring, a new dynamic occurs. I look forward to being transformed, allowing the catalysts that will present themselves to assist in this transformation. A more fully empowered self is my new intention that I will be speaking out loud. Thank you for all your wisdom and knowledge Pam! You are more appreciated that you know~