Sunday, October 11, 2009

Remembering the triple conjunction of May 2009

As mentioned in today's Journal, we'll soon be working more intentionally again with the energy of the triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, which first became effective last spring and was strongest around the end of May. From talking with clients, I know that many people experienced significant spiritual opening around that time, and I'd love to hear more.

If you'd like to share some nuggets from your own experience at that time, please add your comment to this post. I look forward to reading your story, and hope that our mutual sharing will add to our awareness of what is possible.

My own story is brief, but was very powerful for me:

I awoke before dawn one morning in early April receiving the words: "We're going to incorporate the most powerful energy of all -- LOVE -- into the planet." It was one of those experiences that you know isn't a dream, and can only be interpreted as a message. But, it was the first time I had received information of that sort, and in that way.

I also know that the entire months of May and June felt very other-worldly to me, almost as if we were standing as a bridge between this reality and the higher dimensions. And, as I review my dream journal from those months, I see that my inner life was very active.

And now -- do you have a story to share? I'm eager to hear!


  1. I was told around that time that I would be "moving off the wheel of time" ... and from that point on I was inundated with reminders and tools to move into the NOW ...

    And now [smile] there is this blank behind me and in front of me ... and it feels as if I am in an immense PAUSE. I somehow suspect that when Jupiter moves forward tomorrow, I will start moving forward also ...

    As to where I am moving to, I have no idea ... and I really don't need to know. As through this process I also learned to TRUST in the perfection of NOW and let life move me to my perfect place in each perfect moment.


  2. Thanks for the invitation to post, Pam. May and June brought the beginning of big changes for me. My husband and I embarked on a total remodel of our home -- something we couldn't have done earlier because neither of us were ready to say what we really wanted. The day the contractor started taking the roof of the house, left home for a 12-day road trip that included Las Vegas, Wetumka OK, Dallas, Colorado Springs, Arches National Park, Mesa Verde, and Grand Canyon. I was not the same when I returned home, and neither was my home! We moved back into the house yesterday after living elsewhere for almost three months. The remodel will be finished (I hope) by the end of this week. My home has come into its glory, and I believe my soul is dancing to a different beat as well.

    Leslie Demich

  3. I awoke about three weeks ago to the same sort of experience, but the loud and clear message was: "It's a new day."

  4. Pam,
    First off, let me say that I so enjoy your work as it keeps it simple for the astrologically challenged person like myself :-) You are so clear that I truly can understand what you are telling us...TX!
    Since May I have had a very interesting step up in messages I get from the otherside....
    My mother passed away in June of 2007 and we agreed that she would be near me and I would be able to feel connected to her when I wanted to and that has certianly come to pass, but when our daughter passed away Christmas Eve of 2009, that is when things really began to get stronger. I felt her right away and would just go around the house or in my car speaking to them both. I have always had somewhat of a relationship with spirit and felt colse to others that I no longer see physically, but something began to change after both of those passings. Then around May or slightly before? I can't quite remember now, I began doing some channeling for my clients. I found that often when someone was coming for an appointment I would feel a pressence around me and intutively know it was someone for the client. I would then ask permission of the client to attempt to get clear on who was there and what they had to say during their session with me....I was never met with anything but delight and clear Yes in all cases so it was easy work to persue. I have found that the more I do it the easier and clear it has become so that I now feel connected at all times to spirit. I really had no idea why this new gift had come, except that I was wanting it, but now that you explain that it was all part of the energies that came in during this past Spring. It all seems so clear to me now and I thank you for that.....I would have been fine never knowing the why's and I find such delight in this work, but it is also fun to know it was because of an opening in the energy, perhaps more thinning of that veil?
    Either way, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work!

  5. Thanks to each of you for your comments today! Reading your stories and experiences has lifted my heart -- perfect for the day Jupiter goes direct. I hope all who read these posts feel the same.

    Many blessings!

  6. I had awakened contact with a light being that called herself 'tara' that circled the heart centre, and another that was 'J' that always stood behind me - this poem I wrote at the time.

    Sitting still,
    Feeling within.

    The cells awaken,
    To one another.
    Like a wave
    Across the ocean.

    Points of creation,
    Focus awareness.

    Inside, outside
    Searing near.

    She sits within,
    Quite and calm.
    Steady in her pose
    Sure in her stature.

    He’s dark as night,
    Always from behind,
    Guiding, sure,
    Ever present, if I call.

    Inside, outside,
    Swirls of light.

    I see me –
    Now let me see You.

  7. Dear Pam,
    I have been reading your blog occasionally since 4 months ago and I truly like it. You explain things in an easy way to understand, at least to me, who knows merely the basics about astrology. I also like that spiritual intention you put in your interpretations, that seems to go so right with the times we are living…
    To answer your question, this triple conjunction of May fall in my 7th house. Wao! You can’t imagine the shake it caused. On that time I started a relationship that only lasted a week and a half, but it moved me so deep, making me realize the wounds that I was still carrying from my divorce. So it has been a time to go deep into my inner self, discovering all the wounds I have since I was a child and that I hadn’t really overcome, face them, forgive and heal. Of course, with the help of an excellent therapist who has guided me through the process!
    The journey has been very hard, but now I feel that I have found peace and balance. I am currently not involved with anyone; I can’t deny I wish for it, but I know he will appear when time is right. Only then I will be sure of how much I have growth and healed…


  8. Greetings of the day, Pam & peers.

    Am facing a Spiritual conundrum. As Insights surface, and later in review, whether to share ~ or, not... is the perpetual question. Why oh why am I attracting this group of wandering souls ~ lonely, lost, hungry for (seriously) a "quick answer."

    It's only reasonable to understand every one experiences growth at different rates & there are times they need to have things brought to their attention by an objective or impersonal vista. (meaning, through an abstract situation that somehow parallels the message ~ easier to grasp.)

    Wisdom suggests I maintain an air of Compassion, as if an Inner calm tells me, "All in good time." YET, there's also the baffling truth in the matter, especially with loved ones... perhaps it's up to me & ignoring their cry for help is not really "helping."

    Perhaps it's a collective pattern since I seem to be surrounded by Librans who, at all cost, want to keep the Peace.

    Living by example is an art & each morning presents a whitewashed canvas. The essential tool for creativity is the inborn Muse, set free. I Believe ~ Healing always comes from the Inside/out.

    (are "they" being energy vampires??)

    With gratitude for allowing us to Journal with you.

    p.s. Simply being here, with you in mind, helps my understanding. Often times I dread the Post Comment button but, contributing & becoming a better person is the true goal. *gulp* Here goes...