Sunday, February 27, 2011

Higher octave planets

I received this email today about my comment in today's NorthPoint Journal that Uranus is the "higher octave" of Mercury:

I have not heard of planets as "higher octave" and was a bit baffled as to how we got to Mercury from Uranus and Aries. I read it over a few times and began to understand you were making an association I had never heard of. Might you please explain further what a "higher octave" means?

Thanks for your question!

The transpersonal planets -- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto -- are said to be the "higher octave" of Mercury, Venus and Mars, respectively. That is because they deal with similar themes, but on a transpersonal instead of a personal level.

So Mercury represents conscious thought, Uranus represents higher consciousness

Venus represents human love, Neptune represents spiritual love/compassion

Mars represents human will, Pluto represents divine will/higher mission

So, just as musically we have "middle C" and then an octave higher is "high C" -- the same note but at a higher vibration -- the term "higher octave" is used in astrology to describe the higher vibration of the transpersonal planets.

I hope that makes sense!




  1. I really appreciate your very good understanding and explanation. Thanks

  2. Most astrologers have it backwards. Neptune is the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus of Venus, not the reverse. The communication of Mercury is transformed to divine conciousness with Neptune; the planet of love, Venus is elevated to altruism in the Uranus vibration. When one considers from this perspective it makes so much more sense!

  3. Hi Garrett -- I've not heard that perspective before, so thank you for sharing!