Friday, February 18, 2011

Last night's Full Moon and kunzite

The Full Moon last night was a powerful one, and continues to work with us today -- and, in some respects, for the next three days, given the growing energy of Sunday's Neptune-Mars-Mercury alignment.

One of the main themes of this lunation is Freedom of Self-Expression, due to the Sun being in Aquarius and the Moon being in Leo. A primary purpose of this Full Moon is to open and expand our high heart (thymus) portal, so that we can more fully embody our Soul's Divine Essence and allow ourselves to be guided by the highest expression of Love.

And, because the Full Moon occurs with the Sun and the Moon in the last degree of their signs, we are also called to do significant release work on those issues, patterns, and karmic agreements that have inhibited our knowing of ourselves as beings of Love and Light.

For those of you who work with minerals, I have felt for a while now that kunzite (spodumene) is perhaps the most important crystal for us to work with in 2011. Lavendar/pink kunzite is especially helpful in opening and aligning the thymus chakra, and yellow/green kunzite (hiddenite) can help bring that high-vibrational energy into our human heart and third chakras.

I would love to hear how others felt during last night's Full Moon -- and to to hear of anyone else's experience of working with kunzite.




  1. not a mooner...but was greatly effected with knowing I was awake and yet knowing I was sleeping (two different worlds) and I'm sure it's from the addition of Magnetic energies from the Sun flairs. I'm feeling weight or pressure on me and have several times today balanced my chakras as the are taking in this energy to distribute it for DNA upgrades

  2. Hi Pam - I've used Kunzite for many years. In particular, the lilac/pink is excellent for both self-love and allowing divine love into our daily lives and energy systems. It causes us to look at how we give and receive love and removes the sense of being separated from those are close to or indeed the Universe. It is a wonderful crystal to use throughout 2011 as there will be times when we feel very alone and even 'cut off' as we move from one form of energy wave into the next. It holds the heart stable and emotions in balance, allowing us to keep a clear eye on our goals and how to move toward them :-)