Sunday, April 13, 2014


I'm in the middle of writing today's Journal -- just finishing the paragraphs about the Sabian symbol for our Lunar Eclipse. As I was reading Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of the symbol, I remembered the "Integration" card from the Osho Zen tarot deck. Here's a picture of that card:
And, here's part of the description that goes along with it:
Integration is the union mystica, the fusion of opposites. This is a time of communication between the previously experienced dualities of life. Rather than night opposing day, they work together to create a unified whole, turning endlessly one into the other, each containing in its deepest core the seed of the opposite.
Eagle and Swan are both beings of flight and majesty. Eagle is the embodiment of power and aloneness. Swan embodies space and purity, gently floating and diving upon and within the element of the emotions, entirely content and complete within her perfection and beauty.
We are the union of Eagle and Swan. It is time for self-creation, new life, and mystical union, also known as alchemy.
Even though the Sabian symbols speaks of Eagle and Dove, I think the imagery of Eagle and Swan works equally well as a focus point for our processing and growth this week.

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  1. Thank you Pam for the rendition of what is/may be.. I read as the start for me this morning..14.4.2014...was being in my mind and it was liberating for me to read your account of this week.. Being Pisces I often dismiss my mind as rambling... but now am inspired to listen... go forward...Well after this week...LOL...Thank you again..