Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Healing along the lines of time

The healing we are doing right now is incredibly profound. In my own life, I find myself working with two specific health issues -- one that my mother had, and the other one that my father carried.

As we heal, and heal the energetic/emotional causes of the symptoms we hold, we send that healing and awareness through time and space to heal the generations and lifetimes that came before -- and those yet to come.


  1. Hi Pam,

    On the topic of healing. I have been having a discussion with a friend of mine for weeks now. We both have chronic illness (actually several) and are working our way through it to the other side. I accept Perfect Health is my mantra. We go back and forth with the notion that we may have "created" this illness to learn something or that somehow we are responsible for being sick. What are you thoughts on this? That and the concept that "everything happens for a reason"? Does astrology have any answers?

    Could I have really made myself so sick? What is blocking us from experiencing perfect health?

    Thanks! I love your journal.

  2. Hi M-slice,

    Thanks for your very thoughtful question. It's a tough topic, most certainly.
    But yes, I do believe that "everything happens for a reason." As I said in my original post, I'm dealing with my own health issues at the moment, approaching the healing from many levels.
    I think that physical issues are very much present right now, as representations of the energies and issues we are working to heal (as part of the Chiron emphasis now). It's hard to believe that we can make ourselves sick, and yet that is what happens, through unprocessed emotional issues.
    The tricky part right now, and the reason physical issues are so amplified, is that we really are "healing along the lines of time." So we may be dealing with issues that are from other lifetimes, or have been prevalent in our genetic lineage.
    Just as dreams symbolize issues in our lives, so do our bodies manifest according to the issues needing attention. One way to discover the meaning of anything that occurs physically is to locate the nearest chakra and ponder its issues. We can also use the Eastern medicine meridian network to find clues -- and, perhaps the most simple and direct method -- look at the body part affected and see what it represents, as if you had dreamt you had this illness instead of dealing with it in waking life.
    Remember also that the right side of the body is the assertive/masculine side, and the left side is the receptive/feminine side. There may also be hints to the source of dis-ease when we take that perspective.
    My sincere wishes for your healing, and many blessings.