Monday, June 22, 2009

Adjustment phase

It's taking a while to adjust to the energies that came in with the Solstice, especially on physical levels. As we raise our vibrational levels, the cellular structure of our bodies are changing, and everything needs to shift accordingly. If you're feeling achy and tired right now, this adjustment phase may be the cause.

Still, there's a new sense of possibility that has opened up, and today's New Moon is amplifying that feeling. This is actually a "SuperMoon," which means it is occurring when the Moon is at perigee (the part of its cycle where it is closest to the Earth). This proximity amplifies the Moon's magnetic effects on the planet and her people, another reason we may be feeling more sensitive today.

Adding to that sensitivity is the fact that the New Moon is in Cancer, perhaps the most feeling-oriented of the signs. Under this influence, we may be feeling emotionally vulnerable, and in need of all the self-nurturing we can give to ourselves. A good day to nestle in, if you can, and sip soul- and body-nourishing fluids.

The Pluto-Sun opposition is exact tomorrow -- very early here on the Pacific coast (12:39am PDT), so we'll be seeing the effects both today and tomorrow. The tension needn't result in conflict, however. The way through the stress of an opposition is to find a place of balance in the middle. This means acknowledging the need to make significant changes in how we've structured our lives up to now, and rooting out the fears that have kept us from taking charge of our life direction (Pluto in Capricorn). At the same time, we must realize the need to treat ourselves kindly and gently, and perhaps to make new commitments to strengthening the emotional foundations that support our going forth (Sun-Moon-Vesta in Cancer).

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