Thursday, June 18, 2009

Solstice and....?

There's a building sense of anticipation in the air. The Solstice is this weekend (Saturday evening, 10: 48pm Pacific Daylight Time), and it appears to be an important turning point.

In whatever ways you can utilize this energetic wave, it will be a good one to catch and ride! There's a new meditation specifically to use this weekend just posted by Solara An-Ra -- you can download the "Octahedron of Love Meditation" file at or watch a meditation video on YouTube

It's interesting that different versions of this octahedron meditation have appeared in several channeled postings recently -- it may not be the only way to take advantage of the incoming energies, but it seems to be both a powerful and appropriate way to connect with them.

Astrologically, there's plenty of verification of the important shift taking place. At the time of the Solstice, the Moon aligns with Mercury in Gemini, helping us to open our minds to new ideas and to be willing to change as needed. Venus is conjunct Mars in Taurus, helping us take concrete action inspired by the heart's wisdom and the knowing of what has true value in our lives. The Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter alignment continues to broadcast higher heart energy in support of our spiritual and emotional healing.

That means that seven of the eleven primary astrological players are involved in a conjunction -- a sure indicator that we are completing a phase of our evolutionary development, and beginning an important new chapter.

The Pluto-Sun opposition at the Solstice should help us get to the core of what needs healing, and the wide square from both planets to Uranus can help free us from attachment to what has gone before. These aspects are perhaps the wild cards of the Solstice chart, since neither Uranus nor Pluto tends to be subtle in effect. But the potential here for important shifts is hard to ignore... and exciting to consider!

Many blessings to all on the ride ahead!

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