Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Physical symptoms

I received an e-mail today from a client with a question that I thought others might have, too. Here's what she wrote:

"I have been experiencing an inexplicable sense of anxiety, especially in my 4th chakra area. I have a consistent morning practice and a Dahn yoga practice. I wondered if the astrology of the times would be a factor in my puzzling symptoms."

And here's what I replied:

Your symptoms are not uncommon! The energies that have come in starting June 1 have been highly elevated High Heart chakra energies, and many people I know (myself included) are experiencing physical symptoms. As the level of Love increases, the level of fear rises as well, so that we will find the flow that guides us through.

Everything is vibrating to this higher energy, and if we have some residual emotional/mental patterns that are not in sync, they're vibrating, too. I'm trying to think of an analogy... the best I can describe is visualizing a set of bells suspended in air. Some are perfectly aligned, but a couple are off-center. As a wind comes through, all the bells start to chime, but the ones that are off-center kind of go clunk instead.

So fears that remain inside us, yet to be processed, are clunking loudly. And since we're healing not only this lifetime but all our lifetimes, and not only our generation but the generations preceding us, we have many levels to work on. Fears that may not seem like ours are coming up, in addition to the ones we recognize. But they exist somewhere in us, and so they vibrate, ready to be released.

Perhaps astrologically, we can point to the alignment of Venus and Mars as amplifying the enhanced heart energies, already well established by the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter conjunction. If Venus and Mars are involved, we may see some intensification of symptoms and the accompanying need to release fears through the exact Mars-Venus conjunction on June 21.

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  1. I realy needed someone to share this with and I just 'HAPPENED' to see what was happening at your blog..........THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read all of it earlier this week but just did not feel like writing at that time. The pain that has presented itself.......one since April 10,2008 and NOW the PAST LIFE stuff that has 'arrived' is more than I think I can deal with......however, I know that I can, I am and I will. The other day from 4AM to 10AM I was in a past life of torture. Six hours and it was horrible. I can not sleep more than 5 hours before I am sufficating and NOW I have trouble breathing most of the day. I do understand ALL the astrological aspects happening and that in itself is a great help. The week before I experienced 3 past life suffication at one time and then thought I was about to breathe my last breath. I am doing what I can with my meditations and homeopathic "medicines" and I know I am and will make it through this. In case anyone is interested my birth info is August 17, 1945, Chicago, Illinois 8:28A.M.CWT. My ASC. is 22 Virgo 05 and the KOCH system is right on for me. Any insight will be WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!