Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Standing in the lobby

Everything seems to be moving in slow motion this week. Even the weather in our area is contributing to the desire not to move or do anything strenous. Today was in the high 90s, which is very rare in the Pacific Northwest. And tomorrow is forecast to be 101 degrees in Seattle, an all-time heat record.

Energetically, this period between the Solar Eclipse on July 21 and the Lunar Eclipse on August 5 feels like we're in the lobby, bags in hand, waiting for our hotel room to be ready. There's really nothing to do but wait and take advantage of the chance to sit down for a while. After all, the journey's been a bit rocky lately, so it's important to take a few minutes (days) to pause and remember what a deep breath feels like.

No doubt the opposition between Mercury and the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter conjunction is part of what we're feeling. Mercury rules our mental faculties and our day-to-day activities -- and being opposed by the Triad puts a big STOP sign right in front of us. It's not meant to be frustrating, but it is intended to help us detach from the need to be constantly active. Perhaps this is primarily an adjustment time, allowing our bodies to catch up with all the energy shifts that have occurred in the past three weeks. And one of the side benefits is that solutions to problems often appear more readily when we're not trying so hard to find them.

Take full advantage of any lull you may find this week. Get extra sleep, take good care of your physical needs, drink lots of water, enjoy being outside and find time to relax. The activity associated with next week's Lunar Eclipse will come soon enough.

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  1. Since I started to receive your news letter and to check in with your posts - I feel 'validated'. :)
    What you write, about 'standing in the lobby' !! That's it.

    Thank you very much.