Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pluto strikes again

I don't know about anyone else, but today's Pluto-Venus opposition is definitely making itself known, and not in ways that feel particularly good. Perhaps it's because Venus is quite strong in my chart -- ruler of my Sun (Taurus) and also ruler of my Ascendant (Libra), plus being in mutual reception with my Mercury, so strongly influencing my thinking patterns.

I just picked up my new issue of The Mountain Astrologer to read the forecast for today, looking for a bit of grounding. Here's what it says about the Pluto-Venus opposition today:

"Sweet Venus in caring Cancer meets the Big Bad Wolf of Plutonian desire, manipulation, and control. Unease in relationships may cause withdrawal and resentment. Yet, partnered or single, we can use this time to face the dark fears of dissatisfaction and rejection with tender care for our wounds and total commitment to change. The pendulum is ready to swing us away from our insecurities and toward deeper fulfillment."

I must say that "the dark fears of dissatisfaction" and the accompanying insecurities are definitely in my face today! But I'm also well aware that part of the healing is compassion for self and the willingness to accept the dark along with the light -- a very Plutonian lesson.

Hopefully, since Mercury enters Virgo tomorrow (Sunday) and Pluto trines Mercury on Monday, we'll soon be able to take a step back from the emotional complexity of our feelings and to wrap our minds around the larger lessons. Virgo is very adept at analyzing and knowing what needs to be done for healing to take place. And with Pluto in Capricorn in positive aspect to Mercury, we should be able to use Capricorn's objectivity as a helpful tool rather than as an instrument of torture!


  1. :) I picked up a card today - and it said simply - patience.
    I'm waiting for the full moon/eclipse.

  2. Hi Tiffany -- Patience is one of the best tools, for sure! Thanks for sharing.
    Interesting that the tension from yesterday's Pluto-Venus opposition already seems to have eased considerably. Things seems brighter, clearer this morning. Pluto is known for his cathartic effect, and so it makes sense that the emotions raised yesterday were being purged as we were feeling them. More insights in the days ahead, with the Pluto-Mercury trine tomorrow (Monday)...

  3. Its so helpful - what you write, Pam. Thank you for shining light on another angle and for sharing your knowledge.

  4. Wow... has anyone else had a wierd day? Emotions all over the place... Am I on a roller coaster? I also seem to have very little patience with any form of negativity or "need." Even just reading about something makes my mood swing and agitates me. Tomorrow (Eclipse) is my Birthday... and the full moon in Aquarius is my moon at the same exact degree... is that what this is? I feel like hiding!

  5. Hi Butterphly,

    With tomorrow being your birthday, and the day of the Lunar Eclipse, it makes complete sense that you would be feeling especially emotional! And it sounds like you were born at a Full Moon, which means that this eclipse is revisiting some important themes of your birth chart.

    One of your tasks in this lifetime is to bring what is unconcious into consciousness. This is the energy of a Full Moon. This is why your emotions are coming fully to the surface, as an opportunity for you to see some truth that perhaps you have not yet claimed, and the greater opportunity for you to love aspects of yourself that you previously have disliked or negated.

    For tomorrow to also be a spiritually powerful Lunar Eclipse indicates that this is a transformational time (and year ahead) for you. It may be a challenge to stay in balance at times, but you will be infinitely rewarded for the self-awareness and intentionality you embody.

    I hope this is helpful. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Thank you Pam! I sat down at my computer this morning and looked at the time... 5:55. lol! I feel as if you just reached out and hugged me and wrapped a very soft fluffy blanket around me. The gift of intention you gave to us all is also appreciated and soothing. Thank you for these blessings Pam! You indeed, are a gift.