Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Solar winds

I've been watching the daily solar wind speed on SpaceWeather.com for about a year now. Usually a few times a month, the image of the Sun toward the bottom of the page will show a coronal hole, and they will include a prediction of when the solar wind from that hole will reach Earth -- usually five to six days later.

My interest in this started because of reading that the solar winds reaching Earth are how we physically receive some of the energy shifts that we've been feeling, and how new information is broadcast to us as well. It's been interesting to monitor the wind speed (shown at the top left of the main page of the site) and see what corresponds energetically.

It's always amazing to see the aurora borealis that appear when the solar winds reach our atmosphere, too. Amateur photographers around the world send their photos of all kinds of cosmic events to the SpaceWeather site, and the photos of the auroras are usually breathtaking.

So, why am I bringing this up now?

Because today I read this under the photo of the Sun:

"Several holes have opened up in the sun's corona. A solar wind stream flowing from two of them could reach Earth as early as August 28th."

This is the first time I've seen more than one hole opening at a time -- and today there are several. It will be interesting to see what effects we feel. Certainly the auroras should be spectacular.

They're not always correct in their predictions about the exact day the solar winds will arrive. "As early as August 28th" could mean a day or two later.

Right now the solar wind is 356 km/second. The lowest I've seen was in the high 200s. The highest I've seen was in the high 600s.

The 28th is Friday, when Venus and Mercury form a nice, friendly sextile and help us soothe ruffled feathers from earlier in the week. There are no other major aspects between the planets for several days, so it will be interesting to see how the solar winds feel in that clear field.

I'll keep on eye on the site and add comments to this posting periodically. Or check it out yourself at http://spaceweather.com/.


  1. Wow! I am definitely feeling more vulnerable. It started Monday with the emotions coming in waves; from longing to grief to love and joy. The Cancer Rising rollercoaster on steroids. Thank you for your writings - they reassure me that I'm not going crazy.

  2. Friday night now, and the solar wind speed still has not yet risen much. Right now, in fact, it's at 362 km/sec, although it was a bit higher yesterday. SpaceWeather.com is now saying the wind will arrive "August 28th or 29th...so maybe tomorrow? Stay tuned.

  3. Sunday morning now, and there's finally some indication of increased solar winds. Right now (8:15am PDT), the wind speed is about 443 km/sec and seems to be gradually increasing. We'll keep monitoring.

  4. It's now Sunday evening, and the solar wind speed never got above the mid-400s today (it's at 457 km/sec right now). Interesting that there wasn't more measurable effect, with what looked like four coronal holes opening at one time...
    Energetically, however, the darkness that was hanging over the last portion of the week seems to have lifted. I know that Friday and Saturday were pretty heavy days, and now things are feeling lighter. Perhaps there has been some effect after all.

    How have the past few days been in your world?

  5. Well, the past week has brought to light many things for me. Thinking I was fine after my accident, by late Wednesday I was in much pain. Lower back & neck that now reequires physical therapy. A friend passed. For me, the week highlighted feelings of vulnerability, fear, endings, big changes in my day to day as I Am a very active person & rely on myself to support myself (yes, I see the correlation with the spine). My physical health is needed in my career (involves lifting, etc.) Some painful revelations have been brought to the surface. A VERY deep emotional week.


  6. Enjoyed a revealing/healing over the weekend here. Relationships of all kinds were morphing into 'new and improved' versions of themselves.

    Pam, just visited SpaceWeather this morning & see their post, "VANISHING RINGS: On Sept. 4, 2009, Saturn will turn its rings edge-on to Earth, and for the first time in 14 years they will seem to disappear."

    Can you elaborate on the issues / aspects 14 years ago?

    This is really exciting; to be more aware... in the NOW & paying attention. (Moon Trine Saturn transit is nearly exact, Central time zone.)

    Have a GREAT day everyone!...


  7. Thanks, everyone, for your comments on this post!

    Regarding 14 years ago... Saturn has a 28-year cycle, which means it was exactly opposite its current position in the zodiac 14 years ago. So Saturn is now making similar aspects to our natal planets as it was back then -- for instance, if Saturn was opposing someone's Sun then, it would be conjunct that Sun now.
    Logistically, it makes sense that every 14 years, we'd get the same visual experience of Saturn. It's interesting, though, to consider what it means energetically. What do those rings represent? Do they enhance or inhibit the flow of Saturn's energy in our direction?
    Something to ponder...

  8. Want to thank you, Pam. These questions are very Saturn... a Teaching experience.

    Personally, 14 years ago, Saturn occupied my natal 7th house & there are vivid memories of that era. Quite sluggish & my perceived concerns seemed dire.

    Today is (?) seemingly the opposite. There is a great sense of Peace & willingness to Let Things Unfold.

  9. Pam~

    Are you catching the latest???

    GEOMAGNETIC MEGA-STORM: On Sept. 2nd, a billion-ton coronal mass ejection (CME) slammed into Earth's magnetic field.

    Plus, Jupiter's moons will seemingly disappear ~


  10. Hi Annie,

    I know -- I saw that headline today and got an adrenaline rush -- BUT then I read further and they went on to say they were referring to September 2, 1859.
    It really wasn't fair the way they wrote the article. The true date wasn't revealed until we already got all excited...
    Still, I hadn't known about the 1859 event, so it's another interesting bit of info.

  11. Hindsight (detached/unemotional) is always 20/20, so it seems. Thankfully you were able to "see" with more clarity than I. :-)

    Then again, maybe it was Perfect.

    (Humble Pie still on my face? LOL)

    Apologies for taking you away from more serious concerns. (Sirius)

    PeaceBEE ~ aka The HumanBean