Thursday, August 20, 2009

Creativity and focus

We're in a powerful few days, fueled by the New Moon in late degrees of Leo, the sign known for creative self-expression. Now is the time to dream the big dream, to plant the seed of possibility, to ponder the "what-ifs" that bring us joy, and not worry so much about how or when.

The Sun enters Virgo late in the day on Saturday (4:39pm PDT), shifting the focus into the more practical world, and helping us begin to conceptualize and plan how to bring our creative dreams into reality.

The entire weekend actually looks to be full of potential, with a Uranus-Venus trine on Saturday invigorating our relationships and our ability to connect at a heart level with others. Then, on Sunday, Pluto trines the Sun, empowering us to take that next step in creating a more perfect world.

Take this opportunity to stabilize your craft and set your sails for the direction you want to go. Next week there may be some choppy seas as a T-square involving Pluto, Mars and Mercury becomes exact on Wednesday. It will help us navigate those seas if we are able to visualize the eventual destination and hold a broader/higher perspective, which understands that storms are sometimes part of the journey.

And if we get blown "off-course," who knows -- maybe we'll end up on the magical South Sea island where all our dreams actually can come true.


  1. :) I like this positivity Pam! Thank you.

  2. Okay Pam! Is this wild timing or what? I T-boned someone this evening! An elderly man (almost 82 and clearly shouldn't have been behind a wheel) pulled out in front of 2 lanes of traffic. We're both blessed to have not been hurt,(although the vibrations I'm getting in my body are interesting!) Not feeling a victim, as I believe Divine timing and we create our own realities... but I Am definitely a bit in disbelief/some self judgment. Why would I create this? I felt like sharing, though if this is a "downer" for our NP Family, please don't post. I believe we are all here to uplift each other. I'd like to plant healthier seeds than this! :/


  3. Hi Butterphly11!
    I'm glad to know you're OK! And I appreciate your consideration of not wanting to share a "downer" -- but to tell the truth, I've had my own share of feeling bad about myself today, so I even more appreciate your posting! I was just about to start a new post, that I think will be of interest to you -- so check back in a bit and let me know what you think.