Friday, August 7, 2009

And the aftermath

For Wednesday's Lunar Eclipse being only a partial eclipse, it seems to have packed a whallop.

Thursday I felt sleepy all day, by afternoon barely being able to keep my eyes propped open, and feeling lightheaded all evening. Today's much the same, with very little focusing power.

It seems to be true that when the frequency on the planet is raised, it takes a while for our physical bodies to adjust. And yet, not everyone feels these things, which always raises the question, Why?

It may be that clues can be found in our astrological charts. Wednesday's eclipse was square my Mercury, so the corresponding fogginess and lack of brain power makes sense, since Mercury represents our logical thought processes.

And, since that Sabian symbol for the eclipse had to do with entering a tunnel, perhaps symbolically that is what is occurring. Our senses take a while to adjust when we enter a tunnel -- we can't see clearly because the light is dimmed, every sound has a little echo attached, even the air feels different to our skin and our lungs. Depending on how long this particular tunnel is, our senses will either adjust rather quickly, or we'll soon be emerging out the other side into the bright sunlight again.

In the meantime, a good snooze may be the best solution! We do a lot of assimilating of new information while we're asleep, and our physical bodies are able to recover more readily, too.

I've just convinced myself... Time for a nap.


  1. I have felt the same as far as needing more sleep goes. I've been sleeping 10-12 hours now. But something else has also occured...the need to completely remove myself from everything happened as the eclipse arrived. Now, I'm going through some significant changes. These changes are bringing me back to original thoughts and ideas I had almost five years ago. Not sure yet if it's just a healing thing or if it needs to be followed up on. I'm sure I will know in the days ahead. Kind of odd really. It's like I've gone full circle with new knowledge but am left scratching my head wondering if I've wasted the last five years or not. The reason...I got a Bachelors degree in Alternative Medicine and thought I would pursue an avenue similiar to that. Now I'm being uprooted into a restaurant management bachelors program. I had always thought that I'd go for a master's and then a doctorate of some sort but these energies are proving that things have completely changed. It's like going full circle with added confusion. Does that make any sense at all? And since when does life make any sense anyways? LOL! Your thoughts...

  2. Hi Dorrina,
    I'm going to suggest waiting to see what transpires over the next couple of weeks before you make a concrete decision. We're still in the eclipse fog, which makes things sometimes more confusing, since we don't quite have our usual grounding. It doesn't keep you from visualizing how you want to feel, no matter what the situation you create -- in fact, that would be a good use of the energies this coming week. But with some interesting transits now through August 21st, there are some external shifts likely in store, that will give you a better idea of what your best path is.
    But, I also agree with your last sentence: "And since when does life make sense anyways?" -- especially right now with so much occurring on levels we can't physically see!

  3. I've been feeling the increased energetic frequencies for the past year, since Summer Solstice 2008. It has often made me need a lot of sleep, and still wake tired. I think this is finally starting to change. I've just in the past week or two started to feel that a fog is lifting, and I may again be able to focus on the material world.

    However, when I lie down to sleep, I almost always feel an intense vibration in my energy field, so tangible I sometimes wonder if it's an earthquake. I can't tell if the bed is shaking, or it's just my body.

    Last Thursday evening, I lay down for a nap and woke up with these vibrations pounding in my body. It felt like I were holding onto a jack hammer. After awhile they stopped, and I experienced complete stillness. I had an image of floating in outer space.

    I live in Panama, near the equator, where the energies are very strong. My theory is that we're experiencing the vibrational changes more strongly here, and earlier, than other parts of the world further north and south.

  4. Dear Pam
    how should we handle when as Jennifer Hoffman says in this Uriel Heals letter we are in a higher vibration than the people around us creating a "yuck" factor. Is happening so strongly and tangibly with my current manager. I'm attracting people that are in the higher vibration out of the blue (people recognized world wide for what they're doing) and while they endorse me and open doors for me, my boss is behaving "yucky".

    What's the right way to handle this people that stayed in the lower vibration?

  5. Hi Adriana,
    I think, ultimately, that we'll find we're bothered by other people's "yuckiness" less and less. The more we can stay in the high heart energy, the less we become attached to what others may do, or how they may act. I'm not there yet, for sure! but I've had some days when I've been more successful, and have noticed that there just isn't the same kind of internal response that gets triggered in me.
    It is said to be true that what bothers us about others is an aspect of ourselves we don't like, or have negated. It's also said that when we feel a strong response, we actually are working on the same issue internally, and the other is either a portion or a complement (opposite) of our perspective on things.
    And, I suppose, there comes a time when we make decisions to be around those people of higher vibration more and more, and the people who feel "yucky" less and less. It's hard when it's a boss, though.
    My best answer to your question of "the right way" to handle this, is to become more and more focused on residing in your high heart, where nothing of a negative nature can really touch.
    I hope that's helpful! It's a journey, so don't expect perfection overnight!
    Blessings, Pam

  6. And thank you, Susan, for your comments from the Equator! I can certainly understand how energetics and magnetic influence would be different at different latitudes. And with so much sun exposure, perhaps you do receive the new codes more consistently... A very interesting thought!

  7. Pam, this article keeps pointing me to your interpretation of the eclipse. I'd like to share it with you... 'A Newborn Waking Up For His Wake.' (a premature babe, stillborn... but comes out of that "tunnel" afterall.)

    Peace to You & Yours~

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this! What an amazing story, and I love all the astrological/metaphysical messages contained. Blessings to you!