Friday, August 14, 2009

The Triad speaks

The trine from the Triad (the Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter conjunction) to Mars began midweek, and now that energy wave is amplified by the opposition from the Triad to the Sun. This means that the higher frequency represented by the Triad in Aquarius is being integrated into our own energy systems on multiple levels, impacting our drive and desires (Mars) and our understanding of who we are (Sun).

It's been a while since we've talked in depth about the Triad energy and intention, so a brief refresher: Neptune is dissolving the boundaries between people and between dimensions; Chiron is awakening and healing the wound of separation; and Jupiter is amplifying our understanding that there is a broader intention to our lives, and a greater meaning.

This energy has been with us now almost four months, and it continues to open doorways into a new understanding of what it is to be inhabiting a human body at this time of great change. Many are experiencing greater awareness of other dimensions, through dreams or through waking experience. Synchronicities, those reminders that there is intention to our lives and to the universe, are increasing on a daily basis. There's also an odd but pleasant feeling of floating, and the continued need to rest, rest, rest.

This wave of energy will be with us through Monday, August 17, when the Neptune-Sun opposition is exact. The more we can open to the expansiveness and compassion that is available now, the more easily we will navigate the coming week -- which may bring some interesting and unexpected changes with the Uranus-Mars square on Tuesday and the Super New Moon on Thursday.


  1. Is anyone experiencing plans, inspirations, collaboration ideas with others suddenly coalescing or starting to make more sense today? I have had the experience of sudden ideas for collaborations with others, and have also witnessed friends having similar breakthroughs, whether having to do with business or relationships. Just an observation regarding these energies that I have noticed... I have been a reader of yours for some time - thanks for all the insights, Pam!

  2. Thanks for your insights over the past month.

  3. A brief response to dao's post: The experience of breakthroughs in collaborative efforts would certainly correspond with the energies of Aquarius, which is where the Triad is positioned. And, now that you mention it, I am aware of that in my own life, too. Thanks!

  4. Hello Dao - Friday marked a day of family gathering. A coming together of my past into the present. It was/is a powerful reminder of how the past creates the future.
    Thanks Pam - again, its a good thing to read - settles the mind - takes the changes out of 'me, me, me' and puts it into some perspective.
    Thanks again,

  5. Wow...Just read the coming weeks NPA Journal. Sounds like we have Quite a Powerful Week Coming up!... as always, thanks for the Insight and Wisdom Pam...You are appreciated!

  6. Thanks so much, Butterphly11! It does feel like quite a week ahead... It helps to know we have a community of like-minded souls to connect with, even if just by blog! Keep in touch.