Friday, August 21, 2009

The good, the bad, and... the unexpected

I was just about to start a post tonight, when Butterphly11 sent in her note (see her comment on my "Creativity and focus" posting). Part of what she wrote was right in keeping with what I was thinking about -- perfect synchronicity!

I wanted to share a quote from the book I'm reading (Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak), that I feel we could all use right now:

"Your great solution, no matter what is occurring, is to love yourself and vibrate that frequency outside yourself. Doing so will allow many doors to open, and likewise many unwanted probabilities will simply pass you by, like a bird on the wing."

When we go through challenging times, it's so easy to get caught in the negative emotions of either guilt or blame -- because certainly we or they should be better than this, right? As I mentioned in my response to Butterphly11's post, I've had my own share of both today, and I'm feeling pretty tired of it tonight.

Uranus is opposing Mercury today, so perhaps we find some answers there. It's common for accidents and arguments to happen when this type of aspect is in effect. Mercury rules both communication and transportation, since both are ways to connect. Uranus brings in the energy of the "unexpected," as well as a good amount of electricity that can cause misfiring of the neural pathways. Maybe that's why my brain and what came out my mouth went a bit haywire today -- and why Butterphly11 had her own mishap.

So, in addition to this being a lesson in learning to love ourselves -- even when we're not perfect -- there's no doubt some other messages as well. This is, after all, a Uranus-Mercury aspect, which means the higher mind is meant to be engaged.

Mercury is in Virgo right now -- the sign of the perfectionist. Our criticalness is heightened right now, which means any small misstep we take we are likely to interpret as a major issue, and symptomatic of something very wrong with us. It is equally true that we may see others' missteps in the same light.

Uranus in Pisces opposes Mercury today, showing us that there's an opposite perspective to consider. Pisces is all about compassion and understanding, and unconditional love -- for others AND for ourselves.

So this is the message from our higher minds tonight. To forgive ourselves and others for the very humanness of our natures and our experience. And to realize that as "spiritual" as we may be, we are still navigating a very physical and very interactive world, and there are bound to be mistakes made. The key here is to take the Pisces route, to let go of what has occurred, and to wake up tomorrow morning with a fresh perspective.

And to remember Barbara Marciniak's channeled wisdom -- that our best solution is always to love ourselves and to vibrate that frequency both within us and around us.


  1. Thank you Pam. This resonates. Guilt or blame makes us victims and unempowers us.In order to love others, we must love ourselves (first) and remain neutral in our interpretations... i.e not judging, but flowing... allowing...trusting. Who knows... maybe I prevented this gentleman from hurting someone (or himself) more seriously. I Am practicing changing my focus as I Am finding myself seeing it in my mind... and what good is that? I love the Fresh Perspective key of Pisces...My rose colored glasses are on! Let the Sun Shine!

    Have a Joyous & Blessed Day...


  2. That's great to read Pam. Its also good to know I'm not alone.

  3. Namaste /(*_*)\

    Being alone (nearest neighbor is one mile - down the dirt road) doesn't necessarily mean transit situations don't play out. The local snake community has brought lessons of late. Docile, non-aggressive King & Bull snakes have come out of the blue, when least expected so there's a bit of a jolt.
    The lesson as I'm reflecting is to be more trusting in nature. Fear of the unknown doesn't keep my Catahoula pup from frolicking happily in the crop fields. He isn't the least bit concerned ~ so, why worry my next step will bring peril.

  4. Interesting discovery I thought I'd share with you all. I went and took my vehicle in today, to get the repair estimate. The estimator told me it's been the wierdest thing... that it's been pretty "quiet" in regard to auto collisions (I won't call them accident's, for I believe there are no accidents)... but for the last 2 weeks, he's been swamped! Makes me curious! Blessings to All!