Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Finally, the dust has settled and the skies seem much clearer than they have for weeks.

The infusion of energy with last week's Lunar Eclipse was enormous and quite profound. Yesterday was the first day I felt and saw the light that was promised on the other side of the tunnel we entered last week. And based on how it feels and looks from here, the tunnel was worth it.

Adequate rest seems to be very important now. Holding this higher vibration is easier in the morning hours. You may notice that buoyancy of heart and step comes more readily early in the day. As we get into the afternoon and evening hours, we become increasingly aware of the physical body's need to restore itself through sleep. Last night after dinner I went to lie down to take a nap at about 7pm, and fell sound asleep, finally getting up at 11:30pm to "officially" go to bed.

In some ways, it looks like the same world. But in substantial ways, it feels very different internally. And that's the key to the castle door, is it not?

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  1. Pam,
    Thanks for your observations. I too am noticing that morning lightness. Comforting to know it isn't only me petering out and wanting to nap and needing more sleep in afternoons and early evening.

    I've also been getting a quick, very short surge of energy as I'm getting ready for bed.