Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the aftermath

The energy from Tuesday's Solar Eclipse has been very interesting! All that day, it was hard for me to really feel motivated and to focus on anything for very long, and from what I hear, that was true for others as well. I ended up going to bed at 8 p.m., which is unusually early.

It feels a bit like a different reality is settling in, although the tangible evidence is sparse. Perhaps with this being the middle eclipse of three, it truly represents that midway point in a much larger shift. It doesn't yet feel grounded, and perhaps won't until the Lunar Eclipse on August 5/6.

It's interesting that there were auroras on Tuesday night, when none had been predicted. Here's what had to say about that this morning:

"[The auroras] began when a seemingly minor solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field. The minor hit turned into a not-so-minor display because a crack opened in the Earth's magnetic field, allowing solar wind to pour in and fuel the storm. Northern Lights descended as far south as the Dakotas, Montana, Iowa and Wisconsin. The solar wind is still blowing, but the crack has closed, bringing an end to the lights."

I find it quite intriguing that Mother Earth chose to create an opening in her magnetic field on the night of the Solar Eclipse, when the impulse of energy for change was so strong. No wonder we feel that something big has occurred, and that there's a sense of waiting for the new form to manifest.

One other "side benefit" of this eclipse energy -- and appropriate, since the eclipse was in Cancer -- is a heightened sensitivity and stronger emotional response. It may be hard right now to keep the irritations and hurt feelings in perspective. But remember, we're in completion mode with this eclipse being in the final degree of Cancer, and so there may be several levels of emotional debris coming to the surface to be released. To stay in balance, it may help to ground our energy into Mother Earth, to consciously release the debris, and then to fill the space that is left with light.


  1. Curious. Did the recent Light Show & Jupiter's impact happen during the same timeframe?

  2. In broad terms, yes. Not the same day, but within two or three days, which is quite significant. The spot on Jupiter was discovered on July 19, the Solar Eclipse was on July 21/22, and the Northern Lights came through the "crack" in the Earth's magnetic field on the same night as the eclipse.

    It seems very appropriate to me that during the week when Jupiter and Chiron (the Wounded Healer) were exactly aligned (exact on July 22), Jupiter experienced his own "wounding" through the impact of the as-yet-undefined object. Quite the "coincidence!"