Thursday, July 9, 2009

Energy field of Truth

As I awoke this morning, I was being shown a sapphire blue energy field surrounding the Earth. It seemed to be straddling two layers -- I think the stratosphere and the atmosphere -- so covering the boundary between the two.

I've asked to know what this energy field is about, and my thoughts are that it represents the energy of Truth that is beginning to permeate the very air we breathe. Channelings from several other sources lately speak of new truths being revealed in the near future, that will significantly shift our perceptions.

The brilliant blue of the energy field in the image I received also makes me believe our Third Eye (6th) chakras will be activating in the near future, more completely than before.

Is anyone else receiving similar information?



  1. Yes, Pam, lots of dreamers are receiving similar information. On our website you'll find many dreamers posting their dreams, and realizing that we're "dreaming in" a new vibration. Love your work. We post pieces of it and links to it every month on turtledreamers. Sweet Dreams, Connie Kaplan

  2. The energy of Truth is interesting. What I'm finding now is that things I thought were what I truly wanted...aren't. Things I thought I was supposed to do are now suddenly changing. For instance, degree programs I was looking at, and thought I had down pat, has now changed. The place I wanted to take classes at has now changed their degree programs & one of my programs is no longer being offered. This lets me know one of two things: either I need to change schools or I need to find a new path. All will be revealed I'm sure, the trick...waiting for that truth to appear.

    Love your blog & your site! :)

  3. Pam, that day I wrote in my facebook status "Today I could tangibly see how God has been with me every second of my life"... so many things "coincidences" happened to raise consciousness and provide solutions to major situations that go on at work. Things started to get clearer, for example at work, in what department I belong so that we can change the business model faster and make it one that provides solutions in the world. It started at night on the 8th, and things took material form the 9th.
    Its so amazing how what you write is actually aligned to the everyday Gospel I read, everything is connected and now is clearer than ever. Challenge will be to bring with us the most people we can bring to the "bright side" of life, help them wake up, light their ways...
    Love your journal and blog...

  4. Thanks to Connie, Dorrina and Adriana for your comments! I love hearing our different perspectives -- and yet somehow we're all singing the same song...
    Enjoy the week ahead!

  5. I have been noticing an increasing number of sapphire blue dots when my eyes are closed (in bed or during meditation). What do you make of it?

  6. So interesting! I think this goes along with the image I was shown, with the blue light encompassing the Earth.
    Also, when I was taking the "Awakening Your Light Body" meditation course (through LuminEssence Productions) about 15 years ago, I remember seeing those blue dots you mention each time I went through one phase of the meditation process -- I think as the energy was drawn up through the high heart chakra... So that also goes along with the current emphasis on that energy.
    Thanks for sharing, and for your question!

  7. Hello, As of late, I am in almost constant fear. My wife and I have made a move to a new place, which we beieve to be a good one, but it has not yet gone smoothly or easily. Just overwhelmed by everything at the moment. I need to get inspired to do something differently here, but as of yet, I am just floundering and paralyzed. Not sure what I am asking here, just looking for some clues.

  8. Thanks for your posting. I think many people can relate to what you've written here.
    One of the manifestations of the Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter alignment is the amplification (Jupiter) of our core wounds (Chiron). This isn't meant as punishment -- its purpose is to focus our attention on what we most need to heal, and to supply the motivation to do what work needs to be done. And with Neptune in the alignment as well, we are assisted in dissolving the pain and finding spiritual solutions to the problems that arise.
    Also, the amplified energies reaching the planet now are of very high vibration, so everything that is of lower vibration (including our fears and other darker emotions) is becoming very apparent in comparsion. I think I wrote in my NorthPoint Journal a week or two ago that "the brighter the light, the darker the shadow."
    We are meant to find solution through embodying Love as the antidote to all lower vibrations. There are many methods that can be used in the healing process -- attunement (inner child work) and meditation with the energy of the high heart chakra are just two possibilities. But the primary goal, whatever means are used, is to find that place of Love and Peace inside and be able to reside there throughout this extraordinary time of change.
    Sounds very '60s, I know. But since we're actually working astrologically with cycles that began back in the 1960s, it makes sense.
    May you find that place of peace within that guides you through.