Saturday, October 26, 2013

Elevated Sun activity

If you monitor the site, you already know that the Sun has been very active this week, after many months of being in a more subdued state. Here's this morning's headline on the website:
X2-FLARE BLASTS EARTH'S IONOSPHERE: Electromagnetic radiation from yesterday's X2-class solar flare had a significant effect on Earth's upper atmosphere. As a wave of ionization swept across the dayside of the planet, the normal propagation of shortwave radio signals was scrambled.
It's interesting that although the solar winds from these flares on the Sun take a few days to reach Earth, the electromagnetic radiation arrives much more instantaneously. And, because we are electromagnetic beings in many respects, it affects us humans as well as our radio signals.

It explains a few things -- like why my morning run yesterday and today felt like I was moving my legs through blackstrap molasses. Our bodies are in the midst of adjusting to the changes in energy frequency, and may not have the same strength we expect of them while they're recalibrating.

Anyone else have a similar experience?


  1. Actually, I too have been feeling sluggish and a bit under-the-weather mentally/physically. Doing work or moving forward with anything has felt very much like "moving my legs through blackstrap molasses." Thanks for sharing. It's always a bit easier to go with the flow when there is helpful information on hand!

  2. My experience was that I woke up feeling like I had just stood all day in the kitchen preparing and cooking a every course for a dinner party of 13! Every muscle in my body was aching. I eventually showered and got on with my day, but not without several mini-breaks of shear exhaustion!

  3. Tonight I had a dream that I suggested as a warning and so I already intended to stay at home when possible (yes) and move my body not that fast.
    Later on, just reading your astrology journal for this week, I noticed a storm coming up and although being a characteristic attribute of autumn, it seems to be intensified by the solar activities.