Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another CME headed toward Mercury and Venus

A major explosion on the Sun has sent another solar wind toward Mercury, perhaps with even greater effect than the one referenced in my last post. Here's what posted this morning:

The CME will hit the innermost planet on Oct. 5th around 04:30 UT plus minus 7 hours. Energetic particles accelerated by shock waves at the leading edge of the cloud could also have minor effects on the MESSENGER probe in orbit around Mercury. The CME's forecast track shows that Venus might also receive a blow on Oct. 6th.

The website includes a video of the explosion, which is pretty spectacular. There's a disk covering the sun in the video, to block the glare so we can see the explosion more clearly. If you want to see the video, here's the link: CME October 4

I guess we're ready for more thought patterns to be eroded away...


  1. Pam,

    Regarding the CME hitting Mercury on Oct 5th at 4:30 am. Well, the Bay Area had an explosive example of that yesterday. The entire HP Cupertino site was hastily closed down for the day. Check out these 2 links:

    I think we will be seeing more of these CME/solar flare etc induced episodes in the years to come. The Uranus square Pluto from 2012 - 2015 will also result in an increase in mental health issues in society. Unfortunately, a Kundalini awakening or ascension symptoms are viewed by the conventional (read 3-D) medical establishment as mental health issues. The most popular, catch-all diagnosis being "Bipolar".

    Thanks :)

  2. Starting to feel like a plane revving up to take off the runway! My solar plexus is swollen, distended and hurting like hell :(

    Its been spinning like crazy as well.

    I feel the Oct 11th portal coming upon us.