Saturday, October 22, 2011

Effects of the lunar cycle on Cancer natives

I received this question by email this morning:
My question has to do with the effects of the Full Moon on a Cancer Sun Sign and the New Moon on a Cancer Rising Sign.

Specifics regarding these questions: Through four to six years of peri-menopause I (being the Cancer Rising above) noticed a waxing-to-Full Moon accompanied periods of insomnia -- but after menopause this sleeplessness is now completely switched to New Moons (though not every month)! ???

For my Cancer Sun husband, I've noticed within the last year, waxing-to-Full Moons accompany mood fluctuations (paranoia, anxiety, etc., at times severe). The most recent Full Moon brought a particularly rough period for him; I was so very glad to have your intuitive, timely information on what was happening energetically.

Why is the lunar cycle such an issue for us? Any insight is most welcome!

In answer to your questions -- since the Moon "rules" Cancer, it is often true that people with strong Cancer in their birth charts are more affected by the lunar cycle than others. And Cancer Sun, Moon or Ascendant would be even more susceptible to the lunar energy fluctuations, since those are the three major energy points in a chart.

The different monthly sign locations of the New and Full Moons may be the other factor -- why some months you will feel them more strongly, others not so much. You might watch and see if your insomnia is worse when the lunation is in a water sign, or see if there are any other noticeable trends.

It's interesting, the shift from your focus on Full Moon reactions during menopause to more New Moon reactions post-menopause. One reason might be because during menopause, our emotions are heightened (much like during PMS), and the Full Moon also exaggerates emotional issues. All that emotional energy running around could definitely cause insomnia.

Once we're post-menopause, we are in a place of new beginnings, which is what the New Moon represents -- so perhaps we are now resonating with/responding to that energy on deeper levels!

Thank you very much for your questions!

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