Friday, July 30, 2010

A week of madness, mayhem and magic

So, the week began with the Saturn-Uranus conjunction -- and for me, it began with a middle-of-the-night trip over our black dog, resulting in a full-body launch through the air, landing smack dab on my nose.

Not broken, thankfully, but very painful and now very bruised. And I was so lucky to land on carpet, missing the bookshelf on my right and the bureau on my left. Magic amidst the mayhem.

I'm figuring that the floor represented immovable Saturn, and I represented Uranus in motion, and the two opposing forces collided. Our black dog was completely invisible in the darkness of the night, and unexpected as well, since she never lies in that location. Taking this all symbolically, I can interpret this as showing me how the unseen, instinctual sides of my nature can "trip me up," so to speak.

Now, as the week ends, we have intense energies with Mars and the Moon interacting with both Saturn and Uranus. In the wee hours of this morning, I was awakened again by Nature -- but this time, by the hooting of an Owl in our yard.

Owl has the ability to see in the dark, and so represents the ability to observe what we usually might not see -- for instance, a dog lying in the middle of the floor, or a habit pattern that has been getting in our way. I am interpreting this as showing me the other end of the spectrum from my experience at the beginning of the week, and representing how profound the changes are that we are being asked to make at this time of intensity.

And, Owl has always represented Magic to me -- so I also thank Owl for reminding me that there is much in current energies that can lead us forward magically, if we allow it.


  1. Hi Pam - I was wondering if you have any comments/thoughts on the timing of Prop 8 being overturned yesterday and what it bodes for the next go around? Having seen the aspects for this week I was overjoyed to see such a positive event amidst all the rest of the mayhem.

  2. Thanks for the question!

    I have found it very interesting that during a week that is so intense and potentially explosive astrologically, we have seen a couple of very positive events -- the overturning of Prop 8 in California, and the apparent sealing of the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Perhaps the Pluto effect has run its course, leaving room for the rebirth after the trauma and transformation?

    We're not "out of the woods" yet this week, though. Tomorrow (Friday), the Moon goes into Cancer and completes the fourth corner of the cardinal T-square, making it into a Grand Cross again.

    And no doubt there are more hurdles to be met, both with Prop 8 and the oil spill -- but we've made it through so many crisis points, I am starting to believe even more strongly in the magic...

  3. P.S. I just found out that Proposition 8 originally passed in the November 2008 election -- the date of the first Uranus-Saturn opposition. This latest event, the overturning of Prop 8, occurred within a week of the final Uranus-Saturn opposition... But this time, Saturn is in Libra and Uranus is conjunct Jupiter in Aries, which focuses the energy of liberation and individual rights within the realms of relationship.

    It may be that the challenge to the recent decision may be strong while Uranus retrogrades into Pisces (starting August 13), but that once Uranus finally re-enters Aries in mid-March 2011, the individual rights will win out.

  4. I loved your comment about starting to believe even more strongly in the magic. It is exactly how I have been feeling. Things happening that a few years ago seemed impossible. A few more tiny steps but to me ones that have given me hope are Hawaii banning Shark Finning and a province in Spain finally banning bull fighting - very patriarchal things so entrenched in many hundreds of years of tradition but somehow a shift is taking place. Gives me goose bumps as I write. There is a sense of hope now that I thought was lost!! :)