Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sitting in a tide pool

As we move forward in this week following Sunday's Solar Eclipse, we might expect to feel energized -- after all, this was an eclipse, which is supposed to feel like an amplified New Moon, with all the accompanying energy for new beginnings...

But the effect of this Cancer Solar Eclipse has been, perhaps not so surprisingly, to increase our sense of vulnerability. It has opened the space for emotions to pour forth, sometimes unrelated to anything in particular, but equally as often connected to conscious yearnings of the heart. We feel for our Mother Earth and the plants and animals affected by the oil in the Gulf. We long for the innocence of childhood, the deep knowing that all is well because we are tucked into our beds and Mom has kissed us goodnight. We feel the combination of gratitude and sadness for what once was, and pray for the guidance to lead us forward with compassion and grace.

It may also feel like we are in a bit of a holding pattern because there are very few major aspects this week. Even the three I listed on this week's Journal -- Pluto trine Venus today (Tuesday), Saturn semisquare Mercury on Saturday, and Uranus sesquisquare Mercury on Sunday -- are not typically the kinds of planetary interactions that are felt very strongly.

So perhaps this is a week when we are meant to be inside our caves as much as possible, leaving the external activities for another day. After all, we have much to process on emotional levels, and understandings to gain that connect the past with the present. What comes into our awareness with this processing is meant to open our hearts further, as we learn to nurture ourselves and also have compassion for those with whom we are sharing our journey.

Next week will probably feel very different, especially around July 21 and 22, when the Sun enters Leo, and Saturn enters Libra to set up the final Saturn-Uranus opposition on the 26th. There's a lot going on astrologically then and through the first two weeks of August -- so we may want to take advantage of any cave time we can find for now.

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