Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At the amusement (?) park

This week is feeling like a rollercoaster, with the wide variety of emotions coming to the surface. One moment we may be at the heights, and the next, in the depths. Or perhaps our ride of choice is a ferris wheel or merry-go-round, where we keep recycling issues we thought we had completed.

Energetically, it's all more than a bit confusing. Saturn opposing Uranus brings out the conflict between the need for change and movement vs. the desire for stability and the familiar. We throw Mars into the equation this week, and the inner (and outer?) conflicts may seem to escalate.

We will be most successful in navigating these energies if we can let go of the need to act on or resolve the emotions right away. We do need to acknowledge them, not stuff them -- but after that, it is best to step back and allow the feelings to roll on through. Chances are, in the next few hours we'll be back in the higher realms, and we will have learned something about the skills needed to survive this pressure cooker time.

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