Sunday, August 8, 2010

Early to bed, etc.

With the heightened energies coming our way, both from the sun and from beyond, we need a LOT of rest right now.

Some may think that sleep is "wasted" time, but in truth, it is most valuable -- and not only for the recovery of our physical bodies. Sleep is also when we integrate all that is occurring energetically, and when our soul's perspective can become known to our human brain.

Other symptoms right now, that I am feeling and you may be also, are uncharacteristic headaches and foggy-brain syndrome. It's important both to sleep as much as you can, and also ground into nature during your waking hours. I've been taking good, long walks in the state park near my house, and I find them to be just what the metaphysical doctor ordered...

St. Edward State Park in Kenmore, WA

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