Sunday, August 29, 2010

Through the looking glass

This has been an ODD week. Like Alice's adventures through the looking glass, everything seems not quite real.

Now, grant you, I haven't seen bodyless grins from Cheshire cats glowing from a nearby tree, nor even seen a white rabbit hopping down a hole. But there is certainly a feeling of being "not quite here, yet not quite there."

Perhaps, as the pundits are saying, we have already shifted dimensions and are now adjusting to accommodate that shift? It's such an odd paradox, to look out and see the world appearing as usual, but to feel that something is completely UNusual.

One of the symptoms, for me, has been odd sleeping patterns this week. Very tired early, to bed by 8 or 8:30, but then awake in the dark hours and unable to sleep for an hour or two.

Anyone else having a similar experience these days?


  1. Yes, this entire week has definitely felt like a rerun of Alice in Wonderland.

    We definitely shifted dimensions especially around Aug 9th. We settled down into a more long-term energy groove. Our new roles and places are being created even as we speak.

    I am struggling with odd sleeping patterns as well. In addition to which the surreal -- here and not quite here -- nature of reality has been challenging at times.

    Passing time watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    Your blog keeps me going. They don't call this the "Summer of Transformation" for nothing.


  2. Thank you for your comment! It's a great help, even if a part of me is "sure" about what's going on, to have confirmation from another hardy soul! Blessings to you.

  3. Yes, this has been a very strange time for me as well. I find my usual night owl self falling asleep around 9:30,10PM. It would seem like I am in some sort of new place and have no idea why I am here, just that I AM here checking out the surroundings...I am however looking for that white rabbit because I know it is here somewhere lol!

  4. I have been waking up in the middle of the night not able to sleep and going out to view the stars, I had the same thought this week like I was here, but, not completley like if I reached out to grab something it might turn to sand sifting through my hands. It is nice to hear how others have been feeling too, thank you!!!!

  5. I have also been waking in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Why exactly is this summer known as the summer of transformation? I am particularly interested as I feel that I have just emerged from a life changing event and something that I never thought would happen and wonder if it did (yet I know it did). It was intense and bittersweet.

  6. I have been waking up very early every day and painting, and enjoying it, even though I feel like trying to get more rest... I just wake up and I'm wondering, why did I wake up, because usually I wake up when my daughter wakes up. I have also had trouble keeping my eyes open after she goes to bed, but have insisted on painting and writing because I feel so inspired and creative... I have had some intense experiences with my animal totems this week as well... Good things happening!!! I feel the shift, and I feel like I'm centered to be honest... I understand the Alice In Wonderland comment though for sure... I am super daydreamy and off in other realms quite often... I saw a graffiti tag that caught my eye yesterday that read "2much" hahah!! much too much! but I love it...

  7. oh, and speaking of "white rabbit", I just finished making a medicine bag for my daughter this week that I used white rabbit fur for... I posted pics of it tonight on my blog, along with my new skunk painting... Skunk has reminded me through this time to balance the energy I draw in with that which I need to avoid... we are shifting now as we all adjust to the feelings of being shook up a bit... I'm settling into a place I feel safe and surrounded by love, for much abundance ahead... :)

  8. In response to the question about why this is the "summer of transformation" -- astrologically speaking, that would correspond with the Cardinal T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Saturn that we've been experiencing. I'll need to let others post their response if they have other sources for that label.

  9. so glad to hear that others have been wakeful. I did get a full nights sleep last night for the first time all week. I've had several "break throughs" "ahas" during this time and have spent my waking hours meditating and practicing some new spiritual "exercises" as well as doing yoga, tai chi and whatever other movement, walks on my land under the stars etc. whatever it takes to keep "finding my ground"
    Capricorn Forever

  10. Aha! I've been blaming it on "I must be coming down with something" or "it must be too many carbs" (which make me sleepy). I wake up at midnight or so, after nodding off at 9:30 in front of the TV (knowing full well I would be nodding off, TV being all my brain could deal with as I curled up on the sofa). I wake up, take stock of what the pup did while I was unconscious (telling the dogs "I'm like an old drunk, passing out on the couch every evening") - mostly it's just toy stuffing all over the house, but one night my fresh from the dryer 'to be sorted' socks were strewn about the room. Hmm.
    We do last call potty runs and once I crawl into bed I'm falling back to sleep easily.

    Last weeks midweek transitions had me with the proverbial black cloud hanging over my head. The 9-5 job (not my passion) was very trying (though nothing untoward going on there - it's just not a fit, and less tolerable at these times) and I'm finding my creativity has been suffering lately too - I'm not even turning on the computer many nights (to write - my passion and goal). The weekend before last it wasn't on from Thursday to Sunday, even to check e-mail! I'm looking forward to the planets going direct in the next few weeks - I have LOTS I need to do!

    Thanks, Pam, for your blog and weekly journal - they are both hugely helpful as we transform!



    My husband and I have been more than a little bit in "never-never land" for sure. I have definitely been experiencing the odd sleep patterns... unbelievably exhausted and unable to stay conscious by an early hour and then later up a good part of the night. However, that does frequently happen to me as the moon is waxing and becoming I was contributing it to that partly as well. I like the idea of the adjustments to the already occurring dimensional shifts...there is definitely a resonance to that internally. Several days last week, and yesterday in particular, it felt like we were trying to move through mud to get anything done. (And, indeed, even in my dream state, there was mud and the threat of getting bogged down in it.) But, we found that relaxing and being in the moment was much more effective. I usually try to be constructive on some level, but it seemed more appropriate to just "let it be" and, as you have been saying, review.

  12. Yes, exactly the same thing, waking up and not being able to get back to sleep-unlike other times have been struggling with feelings of sadness and fear-feeling that my life is "slipping away" and even though I have wanted this for a long time,the fear that what is coming will be even less os a good "fit" for me...I spend the early morning times furiously writing my Thank yous to God-what I want to fill this space that has been created by my desire for change. It helps beat back the fear. I especially appreciated your earlier
    August casting where you recommended letting go of the way it used to be and allowing your tears and fears run into the ground- or words to that effect. Certainly helpful to me.

  13. I'm usally a night owl, but for the last week I've been crawling into bed around 11pm (early for me)with a book or DVD which usually puts me to sleep. Yes, waking up 2 to 3 times per night with some song or ditty going off in my head. On Saturday night, my 43 year old gold filling popped out, neat and clean--no pain. But I felt a real loss. Went to the dentist Monday am, and after one x ray and one filling, I felt as if a Mac truck had run over me. Everything was real but unreal. I white knuckled the steering wheel to get home and then crashed for about an hour. Funny thing, though. Tuesday and Wednesday, had oodles of energy--almost too much. I hope that's a good thing.
    Anonymous 2