Monday, August 9, 2010

Shifting realities

As I'm sure many of you do, I follow the writings of a specific handful of channelers whose work I find to be worthwhile. One of the channelers I've followed on and off for many years is Tom Kenyon, who channels beings calling themselves The Hathors.

I say "on and off," because at times they have been a bit too pessimistic for me -- which could either be the overlay of Mr. Kenyon's personality, or perhaps may just be The Hathors' style.

But today, a channel was posted that struck me pretty profoundly, so I want to share it with all of you. It's too long to post here in its entirety, so I will just include the link to the page on Mr. Kenyon's website:

The Art of Jumping Timelines

You will no doubt find some familiar themes, that could be considered similar to the Abraham channelings by Esther Hicks. Still, there's enough of a different spin on this, that it sinks into my psyche in a little deeper way.

Plus, for months (or years?), I've been hearing about the splitting of worlds -- which, to me, felt a little bit too much like "the good people go to heaven and the bad people go to hell." I've never been able to embrace that concept because of the similarity to Judgement Day.

But this channeling through Mr. Kenyon talks about parallel timelines, and the places where they converge, and how we can make the leap to the one most in alignment with our spiritual journey.

It's valuable information -- maybe not completely "new," but said in just the right way to have made a lasting impact on me.

If you read it and have a thought or two to share, please post your comment!




  1. Pam...thanks for sharing this 'timely' message. It very much resonates with me.

    You are right in that it is not new info, but still a different spin on it, that brings light to The New Earth being built now. I rather enjoyed reading it as it was a refreshing way of looking at a subject near and dear to my heart's intention.

    Many Blessings For All You Do!

  2. Thank you, Pam, for pointing this poignant message to us . I am doing a lot of reading on the shifts and developments underway and to me, most messages have been very insightful and are adding to my awareness and understanding. I found this one to be practical and to possess a pulling-together effect of some of the themes widely spoken about.

    Many Thanks for helping us navigate these evolutionary times!

  3. It sounds great, as usual It's easier said than done for me. This that and all. I hope the meteor showers and the Sun's sparks or whatever it's called,that is reaching planet Earth works like magic fairy dust JF

  4. I know what you mean -- even though no one said it would be easy, I think as we each trapse through our personal sludge, we have times when want to ask, Why does it need to be so hard?

    Still, I find hope in Mr. Kenyon's latest. And putting my intention on "being Loving Kindness" over the past couple of days has softened some of the edges a bit...

    Blessings to all,


  5. I found this information timely and intriguing. I have followed Tom Kenyon for some time now; took a weekend workshop in Seattle to see how he 'felt' to me..saw Barbara Hand Clow in the audience so knew I was in good company..I tend to gauge things by how they resonate in my body, Tom and most of the Hathor messages 'ring true' even though I don't totally grasp it mentally. The most helpful advice I gathered was to cultivate the 'feeling' of appreciation in your body when things are chaotic or confusing. this has an amazing way of lifting me up mentally and emotionally so that I find a calm center to make choices from. It is a practice, but one that I find extremely valuable in these times of flux. Pam, thank you for shining your bright light on this pathway...

  6. Hello Pam,

    Like you, I try each day to go out side and connect with nature. I have a place I walk to about a mile and a half from where I live here on the mountain. By the time I get there my energy is pretty high because it is an up ward climb to get there. Well, a while back I was sitting in my "golden bower" with my eyes closed, anchoring into the Earth. I was sitting really still just listening to all the sounds around me. I was really peaceful and tuned into my surroundings. All of a sudden I heard something making a lot of noise, coming towards me. Now, I am in the woods here and this was not a small creature. I stayed as long as I could with my eyes closed hearing this noise coming closer and closer. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and I openned my eyes. As I did I saw a flash of golden light and there coming right towards me were two large black dogs with their tongues hanging out of their mouths from running so hard. I watched them approach, straight towards me. Then as I sat there they ran right on by like they didn't see me. Neither of them even looked my way or hesitated in their head long flight. It was like I wasn't even there! Now, these dogs ran by me not 3 feet away! I could tell by their body movements that they didn't see me because not a second did either of them hesitate, look my way, or show any sign's of recongnition. I didn't ponder too long about how strange that was until yesterday. It happened to me again but this time I hadn't gotten to my "golden bower" just yet. I was close but still walking. Two large pit bull mixed dogs were headed towards me on the path and I heard them before I saw them. I instantly stopped. I heard my self telling me to stay very still. "Just stay very still" so I did. I stood there in the middle of the path like a statue. Here they come running head long through the trees. They apporached from the side straight onto the path, and stopped right in front of me. I stood as still as I could as they looked around. I thought that they saw me because they started running straight for me. I heard my self saying again "Stay really still" so I did. Then when those dogs were about to run into me, they turned on a dime and veered off across the path again and into the woods! They too acted like they didn't even see me. I could tell they sensed my presences but I am really sure they didn't see me! This time it was really hard to ignore what I had thought the first time this happened. I had thougt that I had some how moved into another time line, but my mind wouldn't allow myself to believe that. Yesterday however was an eye oppener. Those dogs could tell I was there, but I am sure they didn't see me though I was standing right in front of them! A lot of people run or hike in this area so the dogs were not unusual to be seen there. Wild huh? I truly don't know for sure what happened or if the dogs just didn't consider me a threat but to me what I found so strange is that none of them, even out of curiousity even hesitated for a heartbeat as they ran by a complete stranger in the woods! Thanks for listening. I felt I could tell you this and you would understand.
    Be well and at peace,
    Love to you from Shasta,

  7. Is anybody else having wierd food cravings lately? One day I can't get enough broccoli, then 2 days later it's rice and more rice, then rice w/tumeric, then rice and broccoli... another day it's sushi,lots of pepper or a day of peanuts, peanut butter, etc... What is up? And no... I'm not pregnant. (haha) Something in the air?

  8. Hi Butterphly11,

    I haven't been craving specific foods, but I have noticed that I'll go through stretches of feeling hungry all the time (and no, I'm not pregnant, either).

    I've been equating it with a need for grounding -- and certainly, with all the heightened energies we're dealing with, grounding is all-important.

    When I look at your list of foods, I think macrobiotics (although I'm not an expert in that kind of diet, and I could be wrong) -- but I wonder if there's something about the balancing of yin and yang in your body that your cravings are talking to you about? And maybe that's how the energy shifts are affecting you...

    Just a thought.

  9. Hi Pam! Thank you for addressing this... (I've had the same stretches of feeling hungry, in addition to the wierd cravings, one of which I forgot to list: apples!) Anyhow, you inspired me to do a search on cravings and possibly what they may be telling me is in need of balance in my body... (in addition to the energetic balancing of energy shifts). I found the following site that I thought others may find some benefit from too.

    Have a beautiful day and thank you!
    Many blessings to All,