Saturday, August 21, 2010

The last Pluto-Saturn square

The Pluto-Saturn square sees its last exact aspect today. For at least a year now, this planetary twosome has been instrumental in revealing weaknesses and faults in existing structures, often causing their collapse. We're all very aware of how this has played out in the business and financial worlds. We're seeing the effects on our global climate and on our oceans. We've also seen relationships and lives pass away during this time. We may even be aware of our own psychological and emotional habits that are not in integrity with our Essential Self, that must be changed as we go forward.

On more metaphysical levels, this also seems to be a time to confront certain karmic patterns and imperatives, and perhaps even to dismantle and rise above those constraints. It also seems to be true that the esoteric structure that allows the integration of soul and personality is undergoing change.

If you've read either "Journey of Souls" or "Destiny of Souls" by Michael Newton -- or other books of similar theme -- you're aware of the theory that the soul that inhabits our physical body during a lifetime is but a portion of the greater Self that we are. Evidently, the percentage of Self that incarnates can vary from lifetime to lifetime, but a portion of the Self always remains behind in nonphysical.

According to Mr. Newton, the percentage of Self that comes to inhabit the physical, that energy we call the soul, is decided before the lifetime, and is not alterable during the course of that life.

And yet, there now seems to be information coming through that says we may be able to alter that percentage, to bring in and incorporate a greater percentage of our Self. Perhaps this is what is involved in a dimensional shift, or maybe this is what actually defines that sort of shift.

The latest channeling by Steve Rother explains a bit about this process. I'll include some pertinent excerpts here (abridged):
You have specifically had one of 500 templates that you have chosen to house your energy inside of a human body. The templates have been serving you well because they gave you a base, or a jar to put your energy in so to speak. It worked because all humans are directly traceable to one of those 500 templates. Soon you will no longer be restricted by those templates and it will be due to this expansion.
It can work either to expand your energy field to release your template, or you can release your template to expand your energy field. You are going to learn how to walk in your full energy field while still in the physical body. You will learn how to use your energy field in ways you never thought possible.
You are learning how to do something differently, and to have an experience as a fully-empowered human while still in a physical body. You have already moved into the fifth dimension, and now you are simply learning how it works.
If you'd like to view this channeling on YouTube, click here:

Virtual Light Broadcast

If you'd like to read the text, click here:

Secret of the Expanding Universe

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