Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cancer planets and the Cardinal T-square

I just received a post containing a couple of questions in response to my recent blogs about the planetary line-ups in June and July. Here is part one of that post:

Thanks for all the insight to this summer's planetary line-up -- in particular, the cardinal T-square. My question is regarding the unaspected point in Cancer. I've read with T-squares we should look to that point but am not sure why. Is it for solutions, how to deal with things, energy that is missing that needs to be brought in, etc.?

Thank you for your question!

To help in the visualizing the answer, we can think of a square table that needs four legs, one in each corner, for best stability. Energetically, because a T-square involves only three points in the zodiac, it provides only three legs for our four-legged table. This means it is inherently unstable, and more likely to tip over when we come in contact with it.

This is why, when we consider how to navigate the influence of a T-square, we often look to the "missing leg" -- the sign (or house, if we're looking at someone's chart) that, if present, would help keep our table upright.

In July's Cardinal T-square, which involves Pluto in early degrees of Capricorn, Uranus/Jupiter in early Aries and Saturn in early Libra, you're right that we're missing the fourth cardinal sign, Cancer. For us to maintain our balance at that time, we need to bring in the most positive qualities of that sign: sensitivity, clear boundaries, emotional maturity, and unselfishness -- and make sure that we rise above the less positive Cancerian traits: possessiveness, defensiveness, over-protection, timidity, a tendency to live in the past, and over-emotionalism.

To be most successful, however, we will also need to bring in the most positive qualities of the other three cardinal signs, all at the same time -- which is why this kind of configuration can be so tricky to navigate.

In truth, although the T-square is growing in effect now and will be with us throughout the next three months, it will actually become a Grand Cross at the time of the Lunar Eclipse on June 26. At that time, the Moon and Pluto will be at 4 degrees Capricorn; Uranus and Jupiter will be at 1 and 2 degrees of Aries, respectively; Saturn will be at 28 degrees of Virgo; and Mercury and the Sun will be at 2 and 5 degrees of Cancer, respectively. This will not be a "pure" Cardinal Grand Cross because Saturn is still in Virgo, a Mutable sign -- but by degree, the oppositions and squares that comprise a grand cross will be quite active.

And, although we can perceive a grand cross as being technically "more stable" than a T-square, it is also more confrontational, since there are at least two oppositions and four squares that need to be managed. But, since more than one planet is involved in three of our four "legs" of the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross, we will actually have six oppositions and 10 squares to work with.

And here's part two of the post, with a variation on the question:

My Mars in Cancer at 8 degrees is at a wide aspect to the T-square, but I imagine anyone with closer aspects will really feel it -- and also isn't the U.S. chart ruled by Cancer?

I'm pretty sure that anyone with personal planets or points (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or the Ascendant) in early degrees of cardinal signs (between 0 and 7 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) will be working directly with the energies of the T-square in June and July, and will likely feel the influence of the Lunar Eclipse pretty strongly. The individual effect, of course, will depend on where the configuration falls in their birth charts, and how those natal cardinal planets are aspected.

For most people who fit this description, they've already been working with Pluto's effect since the end of 2009, and so the events of June-July are likely to be mostly a continuation or turning point within existing issues.

For all of us, even those without the cardinal planets as described, we will still find the need to elevate our responses and actions as indicated, since we are all together in this energetic shift.

In regards to the U.S. natal chart (I prefer to use the "Sibley" chart), yes, the country has four planets in Cancer -- the Sun at 13 degrees, Mercury at 24 degrees, Jupiter at 6 degrees and Venus at 3 degrees. Of these, Jupiter and Venus are the most affected by the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross.

We've already seen the effects of Pluto on the U.S. Venus over the past two years, through the changes in the financial industry, and the downfall of many banks and related institutions that were not aligned with higher integrity. It is entirely possible, given the added pressure of the T-square and Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross this summer, that we will see more truths revealed and transformations facilitated in this area, as well as in other governmental and social structures.


  1. This is great info Pam - thanks for such a detailed reply and I love the table analogy! Just to verify what you are saying about some of us being affected - in the last year or so I quit a very lucrative job of 20 years, sold my house, left Seattle after living there 21 years leaving all my friends behind and have moved to Maui. I'm in the process of starting a whole new life here though it certainly isn't without it's challenges. A lot of what prompted it was turning 50 last year in April and feeling it was now or never!!

  2. well im am a cancer sign had a realy rough loast 2 years still is can see fings changing ( hoping ) is there any bad coming to cancer this year anyone know cant get my head round the big words lol x

  3. If you've been having two difficult years, I'm guessing your Sun or another planet in your chart is in very early degrees of Cancer -- which means Pluto has been working with you since late 2007. Pluto's transits can be pretty overwhelming at times, and it sounds like that's been your experience. The good news is that once Pluto goes direct in September, he will be moving out of range of planets in 1 or 2 degrees of Cancer. I hope your situation improves!