Friday, May 7, 2010

Chiron Return

I've received a couple of great questions through responses to my "Quite a week" posting, and so will answer in new posts. I'm starting with the second one first, since it's a bit easier to answer:

Chiron, the wounded healer, has just returned to Pisces. What does it mean to have a Chiron return? (Or am I phrasing that right? My Chiron is in Pisces.)

The Chiron Return (and yes, your term is correct!) occurs for everyone sometime between their 49th and 51st birthdays. It is the culmination of a journey through the core wound of their lifetime, since by that time, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, has transited their entire chart and come into contact with every aspect of their being.

The effect of the Chiron Return is a wrapping up of many of those issues that relate to the core wound. It affects different people in different ways, of course. I've seen many seem to sail through the time without notice, while others (including myself) found that core wound exposed once more, for final healing. The key difference may be whether or not natal Chiron interacts strongly with the personal planets in the individual's birth chart. (In my birth chart, for instance, Chiron is conjunct my Mars, square my Mercury, trine my Venus and quincunx my Moon, so packs a whallop!)

In particular for those with Chiron in Pisces, your Chiron Return will be dealing with the core issues of faith or trust in the universe, resistance to being vulnerable or allowing sensitivity to show, needing to rescue others (self-martyrdom), and any remaining beliefs in cosmic injustice, victimization or betrayal.

We are all dealing with these basic issues as Chiron transits through Pisces, from now through early 2018. Those with natal Chiron in Pisces will have their opportunity during this time to observe how they have dealt with these core themes to this point in their lives, and to take major steps in their personal healing journey.

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  1. Hello,

    In my case I have Chiron in my 10th House (Pisces) and recently came to discovering that Chiron has entered Pisces, thus entering my Chiron Return as yourself! In my past; in order to come to a point of my personal evolution of the soul, I already went through my first Saturn Return and it was something!

    Now; at my level of awareness and to keep in pace to the best of my current ability in order to continue to move into alignment of my soul, I am doing indepth researching to all availiable possiblities regarding the Chiron Return (you may know that little voice within me as me going) as I continue to strive to listen to it!

    Thank You for sharing1

    Tim (Ahauchata)