Thursday, September 30, 2010

Checking in from Cannon Beach

Hi everyone!

Not an astrological update here, just wanting to check in and let you know I'm off on vacation in Cannon Beach, Oregon. My two sisters and I decided, after both of our parents' passing a couple of year ago, that we would get together at least once a year and have a retreat weekend together.

So, this year we chose Cannon Beach, a magical place. Just to give you an idea, here's a photo of one of my sisters in front of haystack rock:

Now back in our room, relaxing to the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the beach... One of those reminders that life really is OK.

I'll be back in touch soon.



  1. Good for you! Have a great retreat! Your sister and the place look lovely! Thanks for the vicarious moment with the ocean waves!

  2. Do I remember Cannon Beach from a trek down the coast, Whistler to San Francisco, in 1980 or 81! I bought a fabulous Raven poster which was with me for years. When hitchiking early morning to keep going down the coast, 2 big Harley Davidson's bikers stopped...I was a little nervous but felt I could trust them...They were absolutely wonderful miners from Colorado and took care of me all through the day and made sure I was on my way safely and kept in touch with me for years! indeed Cannon Beach is MAGICAL!

  3. Dear Pam, I am now believing all this stuff that you all talk about. I have been long asking myself what is it that I am supposed to be doing? What could I possibly have to contribute to anyone? This morning I woke up knowing at least the subject that I feel sure it's about for me. Later and maybe even with a little formal training I could make a contribution in some way. My tools are all the little things I've learned with my insatiable curiosity, Astrology is one of the subjects, and the help that has always turned up at just the precise moments that I need it. This came to me as I looked in the web and noticed that today's new Moon is exactly midpoint between the eclipse of July 11th 2010 and the coming eclipse of Jan 4th 2011. I was thinking maybe it would be a significant day for others as well. Jen F.