Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturn in Libra and REAL-ationships

With all this retrograde Mercury fogginess, it's interesting that relationships are now coming into better focus.

Saturn is fully embracing his Libra tasks now. For many, this involves a reality check when it comes to important relationships and partnerships. Saturn's requirements are very straightforward: work harder on relationships that have value in your life, and be willing to let go of those that have completed their purpose.

The answer to the question of which course to take will not be the same for everyone. Some of us are finding seeds of growth at the core of our relationship apple, and others are finding worms. All we can know for sure is that Saturn in Libra will provide us with opportunities to see the REAL in our REAL-ationships, which will help us know whether or not they are part of the future we want to create.

Our next Full Moon, on September 23 and just hours after the Equinox, may be a turning point for many in this area. That lunation will re-ignite the energies of the Cardinal T-square as the Moon (at 0 degrees Aries) aligns with the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction (at 28 degrees Pisces), the Sun aligns with Saturn in early degrees of Libra, and the North Node and Pluto align in early degrees of Capricorn.

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  1. well said.
    since joined your blog , every visit enriched me with lot of knowledge. thanks.