Friday, October 8, 2010

An intense week

This week has been a wild one! The Mars-Venus conjunction in Scorpio has intensified relationship issues, as the god of war dances with the goddess of love. And with Venus going retrograde in Scorpio today, we're probably just at the entry point of a longer journey through once-hidden emotional realms.

The good news is that what comes to the surface now needs to be revealed. It has been working against us from behind the scenes -- the "unseen enemy," so to speak. As we start to see the reality of what we're dealing with, we may not feel at all comfortable, but the option of keeping things hidden or unconscious is no longer viable. And perhaps it never was all that healthy in the first place, but we did manage to keep up appearances for quite a while, simply by pretending things were OK.

Venus has an eight-year retrograde cycle, which means that every eight years she retrogrades through the same area of the zodiac. She last retrograded through Scorpio in October-November 2002. Whatever is occurring now in our relational and financial worlds relates directly back to events at that time.

We have the opportunity now to make better choices than we did then, as similar issues are likely to be present. We can choose the higher road, no longer reacting impulsively. We can observe our need for control and see the fear that lives at its roots, and learn to soothe that fear rather than allowing it to control us.

Remembering to breathe is a good idea.

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  1. Pam - what are your thoughts on how the astrological configurations tie in with the Chilean miners and their rescue? It's nothing short of a miracle - and the fact that the reason they survived is being put down to working together - both the miners underground and the whole team put together to rescue them. There seems to be some very strong Libran themes to this and I'm wondering how it ties in to the cardinal squares.