Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just when you think...

One of the requirements of any Saturn-Pluto interaction is that we learn how to navigate situations that are outside of our control. We've had experiences recently of that effect -- just when we thought we had something figured out, a new direction to move in, or the solution to a problem found, we look around to see what appears to be a reversal.

It's good to keep in mind that we couldn't be aware of the "one step back" if we hadn't already made the "two steps forward." And, it's important to realize that these two planets are very thorough, and are not likely to move past a point if there are any details left to be taken care of (Saturn) or structural problems to be revealed (Pluto).

We've been working with the current Saturn-Pluto square since early this year, and are now slowly moving toward the final exact aspect on August 21. Next week's grand cross formation, which involves Pluto and Saturn and five other planets, should reveal even more about where we still need to take responsibility for creating change, rather than trying to find a convenient party to blame.


  1. Hi Pam - I was reading an article about the upcoming eclipses June 26th and July 11th and the author said they would bring to a close a cycle begun in 1991. Is there anything you can say to elaborate on this as the author didn't go into detail. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the question!

    Eclipses have a 19-year cycle, which means they repeat in zodiac location every 19 years. Because of this, there should be some links between our growth experience now and what we were doing in 1991. Sometimes the link can be subtle, but it's usually there if we look for it.

    I'm assuming that's what the author was referring to -- does that fit?

  3. Interesting - thanks for the explanation. I didn't know they repeated that way. I'll look back on the ephemeris to see the connections with what was happening then. I would love to believe the cycle begun back then is going to end - it has involved numerous gut wrenching endings without the new beginnings to offset the loss.