Thursday, November 4, 2010


So far, this week has been quite intense -- and I'm guessing we're not quite done with it yet. The Scorpio energies are taking us deeper and deeper into the dark corners of our psyches, exposing the fears and manipulations that have been holding us hostage. At the same time, Chiron and Neptune stand still in the sky, bringing up our deepest wounds and simultaneously offering the means to release and heal them.

In addition, Pluto and the North Node are now within just a few minutes of each other in Capricorn (exact conjunction on Nov 27). The effect of this alignment further amplifies the intensity, and is bringing up lifetimes worth of defensiveness, fear, emotionalism and insecurity -- hallmarks of the South Node in Cancer. This alignment requires that we let go of what has been, to no longer allow ourselves to be controlled or limited by what has come before. It also asks us to step back and observe our emotions, rather than be manipulated by them.

The Scorpio New Moon is tomorrow night (Friday, Nov 5, 9:52pm PDT). As we experience the darkness that accompanies the beginning of the lunar cycle, we are given the opportunity to find new clarity on the emotional issues that are present now. This clarity will gain strength as the Moon grows into fullness over the next two weeks.




  1. Thank you for this intuitive and timely post, your words manage to reflect my process right into the guts of it. Last night was especially intense in what has been a really charged week. It probably gets magnified by my moon at 18 Sco...but who's telling? ;-)
    Blessed be beautiful darkness!

  2. TrueBlue....

    Your post confirms what I have been going through as well. The intensity seemed to taper off towards the end of October (mid week). By the end of this week, it was almost all gone. Today (Nov 6th) feels like a brand new day.
    October really was a very intense month (thank you for the Lena Stevens October channeling). She summed things up very well with just one word - INTENSE.
    I feel November will be more relaxed. December however will once again be more hectic, intense with lots of cleaning of the attic situated in the unconscious part of our minds.

  3. TrueBlue...

    Your Nov 8 - 14th journal hits the bulls-eye again :)
    "Pluto's transit of the North Node is a major planetary assist for releasing the past and letting go of karmic contracts that are no longer useful or helpful.

    The South Node is currently in Cancer, which means we are meant to be moving beyond the tendency to see the present and future through the lens of past experience -- including past-life experience."
    Yes, I have been feeling the nagging pressure over the last 2 weeks to let go of karmic contracts that have outlived their educational potential. In addition, I have also healed some past-life thought patterns that have held me captive in a state of fear. We all possess gifts that are uniquely ours - gifts that make us powerful when we learn to harness and express them wisely. Dying in a concentration camp of starvation can put a real damper on that. Looking forward to Mercury in Sagg :)

  4. Dear Pam, thank you so much for your guidance, very helpful, inspiring and uplifting. I thought you might know how the North Node is different from the True Node? I just have an old American Ephemeris that uses the True Node. Using my book, I have a conjunction of Pluto and N. Node around Wed. the 10th instead of Nov. 27th. I provably could use a newer book. Thank you. Jen F.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your comments!

    In response to Jen F., the North Node can be calculated in two different ways, called the "True Node" and the "Mean Node." There is usually about 2 degrees difference between the two -- which is probably why your ephemeris and mine show different dates for the Pluto-Node conjunction.

    I usually use the ephemeris published in The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) magazine, because it contains the minor aspects and asteroid aspects, which the usual astrological calendars do not.

    And, just like different house systems (Placidus, Koch, etc.), it seems to be a matter of personal preference which calculation is used. It must be that TMA uses the Mean Node.

    I hope that helps explain the disparity!