Friday, November 19, 2010

And so it begins

With yesterday's about-face of both Jupiter and Venus (on Thursday, November 18), we should now have a little more clarity on some questions we've been asking, specifically about certain relationships and our finances/resources (areas ruled by Venus), and perhaps also about a personal truth that has recently come to the surface (ruled by Jupiter). If you've been dealing with issues in these areas, the review period is now over, and the work of going forward begins.

It's not that we have all the answers now -- and I suspect we never really get to that longed-for level of omniscience, at least not while we're in human form. But, at least the haze created by having so many planets in retrograde should be clearing, with first Neptune and Chiron going direct on November 5 and 6, and now Jupiter and Venus following suit. As of now, the only primary planet still in retrograde is Uranus, so we are looking more and more out the front window now, and less in the rearview mirror.

Since Venus' retrograde phase has been so powerful this time around -- no doubt because it occurred mostly in Scorpio -- I'll be watching her forward motion most carefully now. She is currently in Libra, trying to keep things in balance and to be as fair as possible. She will re-enter Scorpio on November 29 and spend the rest of 2010 in that transformational sign, finally gaining freedom from the emotional depths when she enters Sagittarius on January 7, 2011.

We may also want watch for developments in our areas of concern on December 20, when Venus again reaches the degree where she originally went retrograde back on October 8. And, with the Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon AND the Solstice on the next day (December 21), those two days may be quite powerful in revealing what karmic patterns and emotional debris we've been working to release this fall.

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  1. Pam - Thank you SO much for willingly and eloquently sharing the depths of your knowledge. This post (which I read Saturday AM)explains (after the fact) not only the "muddled me" of late, but also Significant clarifying events of the last two days. You are a gift on the path of my search for understanding. Blessings.