Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pluto-Mars quincunx

I'm starting a new thread to answer Jeannette's post, which was originally added to my "Checking In" post.

"Dear Pam, I see Mars quincunx Pluto on Saturday. What does the quincunx aspect bring?"

A quincunx aspect occurs when planets are 150 degrees apart, which puts them in signs that have some basic incompatibilities. In this case, Mars is in fun-loving, creative, gregarious Leo and Pluto is in serious, goal-oriented, practical Capricorn.

When two planets are quincunx, they are like two people speaking different languages who are supposed to work together. They're never going to really understand each other or make progress if they continue as usual. One or both has to adjust their perspective and their attitude.

So a quincunx is indicative of the need for an attitude adjustment if progress is to be made. The melodramatics of Mars in Leo must be tempered if the high-minded, transformative goals of Pluto in Capricorn are to be met. And the follow-the-rules-at-all-costs belief represented by earthy Capricorn must be willing to bend a bit to take advantage of the inspiration available through Leo's fire.

In mundane terms, a strong quincunx can correspond with a day when our paths and attitudes seem to need continual adjustment as we seek ways to incorporate two seemingly incompatible perspectives.

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