Friday, September 11, 2009

A day to tread lightly

Lots going on today -- Pluto is stationary, Mercury is retrograde, Mars is in Cancer AND it's the anniversary of 9/11. Conversations may not go smoothly, and it may be hard not to shift into defensive posturing when we feel misunderstood. We're at the doorway of some big changes, and that is affecting us vibrationally as well.

Underlying fears and insecurities are coming to the surface to be released so that we do not carry them forward into our new manifestations. And, no doubt, the mental and emotional grids are filled with remnants of the events eight years ago, as people's memories are triggered by today's date.

It is especially important today to stay in the energy of love rather than fear, and to maintain the higher perspective in all interactions. We are planting seeds for the future now -- and it is our choice what seeds we choose to sow.

P.S.: Constructive physical activity is a helpful use of these energies, especially put into making your home environment (Cancer) more stable and supportive. But also make sure you eat small meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels consistent.


  1. Hi Pam,

    Had to write as there is so much going on now! The planting of seeds are currently taking place just like you said. Many doors are opening for me at this time. I've even had some major break throughs this week and am following up on every idea that hits me.

    Things that weren't so clear a while back are making perfect sense now. Very, very big changes taking place. And yes, some fears are coming along with that but for me they are minor and can be overcome rather quickly. I know what I must do. It also appears that I am not affected by Mercury being in Retrograde anymore. I did write about this ;-)

    But like many others I am still affected by the events of 8 years ago. It still brings tears to my eyes. And even though I know everything happens for a reason, I still feel the pain of all of the families that were affected.

    Thank you for the reminder about eating smaller meals during the day. I've been so busy that I've been forgetting to eat. I do have to say that I'm still rather tired from these energies and feel like snoozing in the middle of the day. But I'll tell you what, it's so inspiring now. It's like a big dark cloud has been lifted and it's all coming together.

    What I find even more interesting, is reading about other's experiences now and being able to see exactly where they are on the journey. It's kind of like night and day.

    And on a final note, I am so into making my home looking and feeling more cozy now. I have an "itch" to make some design changes. LOL!

    Off to reward myself as the body needs some much needed bath with lavender sea salt sounds perfect doesn't it?! :)


  2. Our Pluto's are being felt too? No?

  3. Yes -- I've found it's quite true that when a planet is emphasized by current aspects or conditions, that planet in our natal charts also becomes emphasized. So, as Pluto goes direct, we may see advancement and transformation in the area of life that is represented by the house placement of our natal Pluto. Great question - Thanks!

  4. Just a wild guess really. Saw how Mercury Rx was kinda square to Pluto during that period as well. My tribe (family & friends) simply came Alive as they all grew into new awarenesses. (A few were kicking & screaming, fighting with Change.)

    That's all.

    Let me take opportunity to thank you for your insights, time & patience, Pam. If it weren't for your gentle guidance, heck I might have been feeling @ odds with the current flow of energy too.

    Peace to you & yours,
    /(*_*)\ Annie