Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Equinox and solar winds

Today is the Equinox -- and to celebrate, the Sun's magnetic field (called the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, or IMF) has changed direction, pointing southward instead of northward. This evidently happens periodically (for more information, visit http://spaceweather.com/glossary/imf.html).

When a southward IMF meets the Earth's magnetic field, which points north, they cancel each other out. This means that the magnetic fields of the Sun and the Earth link up, and the solar winds can directly enter Earth's atmosphere.

For us, this means more auroras borealis to delight the senses. On metaphysical levels, it means that we can receive more directly the information and insights carried on the solar winds -- and that more high-vibrational energy will be reaching us.

A good time to make ourselves available to those insights through meditation or creative work. And an especially important time to stay centered, grounded, and in balance.

Happy Equinox!

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