Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturn and Mercury

Saturn and Mercury are virtually conjunct in Virgo for an extended period from mid-September until Mercury enters Libra on October 9.

This can have several effects -- most notably, a heaviness and symptoms of depression, overcriticalness, and the fear that we're never going to "get it right," be adequate enough for what we have been called to do, or live up to our own or others' expectations. It can be hard to extricate ourselves from those feelings, and sometimes they seem to take over so that they're all we can think about.

But there are reasons for such experiences. With Virgo involved, we are being given an opportunity to learn to love ourselves unconditionally, no matter how we may have been self-judging or finding fault. Yes, we are striving to grow, to become more perfect representations of ourselves, and we are spiritual beings having a human experience -- BUT we are also human beings, and by definition imperfect. We need to step into the love of self for the effort and intention extended, no matter what the current external manfestations.

And things WILL get better. Patience is another virtue Saturn requires that we learn, so be in the energy of Love as much as possible, and hold the thought of a brighter future not far away.

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  1. Could be just the patch of earth beneath my feet (ethers above as well), but isn't Chiron shaking us too?

    Even my hubby says last night, "Childhood wounds," in the middle of a conversation.

    Mercury / Saturn aspect has brought wonderful revelations. Patterns that have surfaced are actually quite enjoyable, after all's said & done. Meaning, letting go of expectations is ultimately SOooo freeing because once you come to a new awareness... there's no going back. (yeah!)

    Pam, I may have muffled up the true intent for writing. Sincerely meant to have a clearer ~ more descriptive way of expressing Merc/Saturn's effect. Feel free to edit wherever you see fit. To me, it's all about the collective.