Friday, September 4, 2009

Fires and storms

Someone wrote me earlier this week, asking about the purpose of the fires that are burning in several areas of the world. I responded that there are higher purposes, of course, although it's hard to imagine devastation as being positive.

We can gain some insights from the fact that there are certain trees (and maybe other plants?) that rely on fire to enable their seeds to grow. The heat of the fire must reach a specific degree, which then dries and cracks the outer protective covering of the seed, allowing it to then connect with the earth and begin the growth process.

Taking this as a metaphor, we can assume that the fires are representing a process going on within individuals and within humanity, a process in which hard outer coverings are cracked and fall away, allowing the seeds that have been held within to grow.

Synchronistically, I was reading this morning in The Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak, and came across this passage:

Rains, winds, and fires awaken what has been dormant.

She then talks about that hard protective covering around a seed, and relates it to the growth process each of us is going through:

Perhaps just before your casing breaks, you feel the tightness of a dark, confined place; you may feel as if the casing will suffocate and destroy you. Will you allow your seed to sprout, or to die inside because the casing feels tough and hard?

We are all being buffeted in various ways now, either literally by the weather and environmental changes, or internally by emotions coming to the surface to be released. But it helps to realize that what we are actually doing is removing the hard casing around our joy and creativity, so that it can finally find root and grow.


  1. Well said Pam! It really all seems so simple if we can just re-member that. I for one am ready for that hard casing to be gone and move on into a place none of us has ever been before. Its exciting and scary all at the same time. I must say ur more tuned in now than u ever have been and a true gift to me and many others out here!
    Blessings to you! dear one!

  2. In my own understandings, fires, as well as hurricanes and tornadoes are Mother Nature's way of clearing out the old and bringing in the new. This allows for communities to come together as one and it ushers in a new era. This in turn brings individuals in the affected areas to turn to each other and to help each other out because now they all share similar situations. Which in turn brings a community closer together in order to rebuild a solid foundation...together. It is very possible that the affected areas are suffering in some way from isolation. The new way of doing things is to be there for each be of service and to have a community that can count on each other. These type of events make that happen which is ultimately a positive event. We must remember that material goods are just "stuff". We can replace "stuff" but we can't replace lives. So as you said, it really does usher in very new beginnings for everyone involved. It allows them to see things much differently than they had before. Change is imminent among the earth and we must learn to go with the flow as it clears out negative energy and brings in new and positive energy.

    As always Pam, you are right on target :)

  3. Hi Dorrina -- and thank you for your very appropriate addition to the post! I agree, very much, with your insights. Community is meant to be built through such events, and the joining of hearts and hands in compassion is intended as well.

  4. Mother Nature @ her best: perfect synchronicity.

    Now, if mankind would just stop trying to mold her to fit its needs...

    But, Pam. California has a birth chart, true? And Karmic Debt, no?

  5. Yes, every entity or event that had a time of inception has a birth chart. I just looked up when California was made a state, and it was on September 9, 1850.

    I find it synchronistic that we should have been drawn to look up that date, so close to 9/9/09. Although technically an "11" day numerologically, this coming Wednesday, 9/9/09, is being utilized by many as a time to gather and focus intention on the positive evolution of humanity. There is also a great deal of channeled information coming through about new waves of energy and portals opening on that day.

    So it was very interesting to see that California's birthday was on 9/9.

    Also, in my search for this information, I found out that California was named for Queen Califa, a character in a book written by a Spanish novelist. The book was very popular in the 1500s, and evidently read by Cortez, the explorer and conquistador.

    One of the websites I read called her an "African Amazon queen." Nice to have a powerful woman for a namesake.

  6. "Astrology of the seers" clearly emphasize that essence of astrology is in understanding the properties and meanings of planets (graha). As all the aspects and signs they rule reflect the same.

    These planets affect us directly and indirectly every second of the day. So can these climate changes be related to these movements of planets? May be this is a silly question. But is it really impossible?

    Astrology Tree

  7. Hi Atul,
    Yes, I think we can assume planetary involvement in climate change -- everything is related!
    And, seeing how the Moon affects the tides, it's easy to imagine that the other planets are associated with other weather patterns -- hurricanes with Uranus, earthquakes with either Pluto or Uranus, floods and tidal waves with Neptune, fires with Mars, etc...
    Thanks for your comment!