Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Other perspectives on today's eclipse

Many astrologers (of course!) have been writing about today's eclipse, and the trio of eclipses we're experiencing in these next few weeks. I'm sharing here some of my favorite quotes from recent articles, and links to the complete text, in case you'd like to read more:
  • Patricia Liles writes that these energies "are like the exhilaration you feel when crossing a raging river over a big log. You don't want to look down, only where you want to end up! That raging river holds the chaos of the collective change we're passing through. Don't end up in it; know what you want to create and keep your sights focused and undistracted." (More)
  • Pat Paquette of the "Real Astrologers" website writes that "new patterns are visibly manifesting on the planet and in our lives, and this process will accelerate in the next six weeks." (More)
  • And, Adam Sommer writes about the alignment of today's Solar Eclipse with the star Aldebaran: "As we evolve, we perceive more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we only perceive what has always been there. The Way of Revelation is through the discovering and discarding of our own limitations.…in essence, it's Time to See, Discern, and Transcend!" (More)
Enjoy the ride today, and may your next Transcendent Step be easy, effortless, and gentle!




  1. Thanks so much Pam, for sharing these quotes. They're great...and I especially love the first one from Patricia Liles. It describes how I've been feeling perfectly. (will not look down = will not get caught in the drama of others) I feel as though right now it may just be a big log, but very soon it will be a strong bridge that I will walk over with ease. Perfect!

  2. I am still reeling from the chaos and the changes and from trying to get from one side of the river to the other. Yesterday held big, seemingly unavoidable decisions. I just keep trying to take one more step on the log and breathe. Your words help. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful links Pam - really inspiring. I had a question about the Casey Anthony trial - have you looked at her chart? I can't find any astrological articles on her but her birthchart seems to beg analysis. The lunar eclipse June 15th is conjunct her mars/uranus and square her sun/mercury in Pisces. The day the alleged murder occured (6/16/08) Uranus was exactly square her natal Uranus....

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your posts!

    About the trial you mention -- I have not read anything about it (although I've seen headlines), so don't have any comment to make on it -- but, from what you've written, it does sound like the upcoming eclipse will be working with her chart in a powerful way.

  5. Hi Pam,

    Your journal for the next week touches on Saturn. Loved reading about that :) It made me remember that my natal Pluto is in Libra at 19 degrees. So in October of this year (as per the ephemeris) Saturn in Libra will be conjunct my natal Pluto.

    Here's what an astrologer had to say about this conjunction for the Pluto in Libra generation:
    We are told that Saturn brings "lack" to whatever it touches, as well as "binding force." Saturn narrows while Pluto concentrates. Saturn gives form and focus, while Pluto purifies. Saturn structures or restructures whatever it touches, and when it comes to visit Pluto, expect that your life will be restructured and purified from top to bottom.

    "It brings a definite conclusion to whatever seed patterns cannot grow in your future, while incorporating structures in the life that will yield growth over the long term. This combination brings about radical change, often with explosive force beyond individual control, overwhelming whatever rules and crystallized structures have existed before then."