Saturday, June 18, 2011

Interesting morning

Waking up this morning, I had a feeling that there was something of a wobble in the energetic field -- and then I remembered, oh yes, Uranus squares Mercury today. Filed that thought away, went about morning routines as usual, but with an awareness of something being "in the air," so to speak.

Sat down to talk with my first client of the day, a woman in the Southwest who is dealing with overwhelming smoke from the Arizona fires. And here's where it gets interesting -- about 15 minutes into our session, MY smoke alarm started beeping.

There's more to the story than that, as I had to figure out ways to calm down the dogs (who were freaked out and trying to crawl into my lap), plus maintain connection with my client, and connection with the message that was trying to get through to her. Not so easy just to disarm the alarm, since it resides at the log at the peak of my two-story ceiling.

All in all, a very Uranus-Mercury-square moment, now resolved and blessedly quiet again. Except for one of my dogs, who is very affected by such things, and is now hiding out in the downstairs kitchen. She started doing better after I put drops of Rescue Remedy on her head, but will take some time to recover.

The message from the event itself probably has many levels. But what is striking to me is that confirmation that we are ALL connected energetically. Call it coincidence that my smoke alarm battery went out as I was talking to a client about the smoke surrounding her house, but that one's a little too striking to ignore.

I hope your day goes a bit more smoothly, but with new awareness of something of importance in your life.


  1. LOL! Pam - loved the synchronicity story about the smoke alarm. Yes, there's definitely a wobble in the energetic field. June has been a very interesting month. So much has happened and is still about to happen.


  2. Thank you for this. Explains a lot! I've been feeling so ungrounded today - as if I am in the clouds. I've been carrying a piece of galena in my pocket to ground myself.

  3. Regarding the Galactic Center, there is a LOTR book called "LOTR Inspired By the Galactic Center" by Susan Seymour Hedke. A free copy has been uploaded on I have 2 planets that are conjunct the Galactic Center and have always felt "different" :)

    Back in 2000 when there was a major GC alignment with the Earth and our Sun, I experienced a huge dimensional shift. It was as if a tap had turned on. I think the same thing is going to happen in December of 2012. This time I am really, really ready for it.