Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh, and did I mention....?

A little more information about tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse -- it is aligned (within 3 degrees) of the Galactic Center, the point in space around which our Milky Way revolves (along with many other galaxies), the point that is often called "the Sun of our Sun."

Not such a little thing, that.

Here's what Mary Elizabeth Jochmans writes about the influence of the Galactic Center, which she calls "the Cosmic Knowledge Point":
Old patterns, concepts and ways of being which are limiting are ferreted out, both for this and other lifetimes, to enable a true cord-cutting and a birthing of the Cosmic Child within. Once this happens, the information pouring in from this black hole is brought into awareness and an inner knowing takes place which cannot be explained.
For those of you who attended my teleclass last month, these words should ring some bells! My understanding of our shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius is encapsulated in the phrase "Faith ends, Knowing begins" -- which just means that instead of learning to trust in what we cannot see or verify, the new age will be about learning to tap into our own deep, inner knowing. Or, as Ms. Jochmans explains it, gaining "the ability to know things without knowing how you know them."

So, very important that tomorrow's eclipse is aligned with the Galactic Center! And, what Ms. Jochmans writes about releasing "old patterns, concepts and ways of being" also very much goes along with the themes we've already discussed, that this eclipse season is a time of karmic completion and rebirth.

Sleep well tonight, and many cosmic dreams!


  1. Love this Pam!!! Knowing beyond knowing, yes? Yesterday and today I fell asleep in the mid afternoon. I just couldn't stay awake and slept for quite some time. There is a calmness and a sense of comfort that is new to me. Such interesting times. Thanks so much Pam! You're a treasure!

  2. Thank you Pam! The 14th was my birthday and I gained a lot of clarity on my life purpose. What you've written above has very similar to exact phrases I was using in the past week. So, thanks for the confirmation, again! (you always seem to do that!)