Saturday, July 9, 2011

The BIG question

I received an email from a reader this week, who wanted to know:

"In this week's Journal, the information seemed to be saying that the intensity was not letting up much. I'm wondering, as we're in the first week of July, if you see any light at the end of this tunnel we're all in."

I can so relate to the desire to know WHEN we're going to be through the challenges. The first week of July, especially, has been a emotional rollercoaster for many, a time of fears and frustrations that is finally starting to smooth out a bit.

In my answer to the reader, I of course needed to tell her that so much depends on what is going on with our individual charts, as to when current challenges might resolve for each of us. In that sense, without seeing her chart, I could not tell her definitively when her specific issues would find resolution.

That being said, it does seem true that our trio of eclipses has lived up to their press packet, no matter what our natal charts may reveal. We have been challenged to rise above the fears and patterns of the past and to find new ways to approach the challenges before us. The Cardinal Grand Cross has both ignited our urgency for growth and change, and exposed the fears and patterns that have been blocking our progress.

When will we be "through the tunnel" and finally standing in the light on the other side? I think we have the opportunity to do that every day, in little if not big ways. Every time we find a new way to think about something that has caused us fear in the past, we come out of a tunnel. Every time we open our hearts to love where before we had resented or resisted, we gather more light around us.

And, as we come out of more tunnels and gather more light in all these smaller ways, the light grows brighter and brighter around us -- until, even when we're in a tunnel, working on yet one more issue, we both feel and know the light that surrounds us always.


  1. Aloha Pam,
    I have been an avid follower of the Dreamspell for about 15 years, (the calendar/game brought to Earth by Jose Arguelles in the early 90's). I have to give a lot of credit to it for the ease with which I have experienced the challenges these shifting times keep presenting. I had to laugh when you ended today's journal entry with "questions, questions, questions." Today happens to be the third day of the Yellow Warrior Wavespell. The purpose for this 13 days is to fearlessly and intelligently QUESTION!!! It is sad that more people have not chosen to experience the magic of synchronicity that automatically appears in one's life as he/she daily implements this profound tool of transformation.

  2. Hi Anahata - Thank you so much for your post! I love the synchronicity of the "questions" - and I'll remember that for the next 10 days, too. - Pam

  3. Pam, I want to thank you for your blog and the wisdom that you share with the world! As an intuitive your information helps me understand things on a larger level. With light, Melissa