Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Hours From Hawaii

My dear friend Molly McCord has written a great article describing our "in-between" stage right now -- she's entitled it "Are You Two Hours From Hawaii?" and here's an excerpt:
A plane ride to Hawaii from the West Coast takes over five hours to cross the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, there is a point in the route where the plane does not have regular contact with air traffic control on either side. The plane has successfully left one land mass for another, and yet hasn't reached the official air space of the other air traffic control tower.
For two hours, the plane is flying without any outside assistance to provide guidance, direction or navigational support. The plane must rely solely on it own internal instruments, knowingness and effort for this leg of the journey.
When I heard this fact, I instantly felt that it described what I'm feeling right now about a few things. I know my inspirations are heading somewhere... but I can't see or connect to the landing destination yet. I know it's out there and coming into view soon...
If you'd like to read the entire article, here's the link: Two Hours From Hawaii

Enjoy! And thank you, Molly!

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  1. Yeah! We are definitely in an in-between stage right now. Its a bit unnerving at times especially for those of us that are lightworkers. We've always known why, how, when and where we were headed in life.