Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mars and the South Node

The alignment between Mars and the South Node in Gemini this week has been intense -- perhaps moreso for those of us who have the South Node in Gemini in our natal charts (anyone born between September 1936-March 1938, April 1955-October 1956, October 1973-July 1975, and August 1992-January 1994). The negative qualities of that South Node have been exaggerated, and difficult to sidestep: worry, overthinking, indecisiveness, trusting others' perceptions instead of our own, falling back into old habits of lower-vibrational thought and conversation.

The energy of that seems to be easing this morning finally -- and I know for myself, I'm good and tired of that old way of being.

Because the South Node is now in Gemini, all of us on the planet are being asked to choose between those old linear ways of thinking and trusting our intuitive knowing. Linear thought looks for cause and effect, and then wants to blame or settles into rehashing what was and why. Intuitive knowing lives in the moment, trusts the self's perceptions, and releases fear and worry as being habits of a bygone era.

On with the day...


  1. Bless you...hang in there. ;-)

  2. Yah...I really had a time of it two days ago but thankfully managed to retrace my thoughts and opinions to take higher ground.
    Today does feel much lighter!

    Thanks Pam! :)

  3. It has been intense. . I feel a bit of a energy hangover .. I was reminded to be in nature, Mother earth's energy is comforting.
    Blessings to you Pam.
    Warmly - Debbie

  4. Threw out my shoulder. OWWWWW! Mars=accidents, and Gemini=shoulders. My South Node was right near the degree, too. 26 Gemini.

  5. Is it really true about the alignment of planets there is something that bad going to happen or some incidents. I really don't care about this kind of news but sometimes it bothers me reading and hearing some of it.